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  1. Confirming BSOD when launching MBAM on Windows 10 Insider Build 14951. Fault on mwac.sys As seen by others on the Fast track of the Windows Insider program.
  2. Over the last few weeks I have been getting a BSOD when ever Malicious Website Protection is enabled. I had it disabled for a little over two weeks and had no BSOD. I re-enabled it 2 days ago and this morning the machine rebooted immediately after starting up. There was another BSOD after the second start up. There was a Windows 10 update in progress at the time, so I disabled the Malicious Website Protection to allow the update to complete. So far the machine is running fine with Malicious Website Protection disabled. I'm attaching the mindump files produced this morning. In all cases the err
  3. As per other posts, MBAM is broken in/by Insider Build 14942. Disabling MBAM from running at startup & disabling rootkit detection allows the build update to be installed but obviously there is no protection. However, any attempt to start MBAM results in the BSOD. Website and rootkit protection are disabled as is start with windows but when I attempt to start MBAM from the icon/menu it results in the same MWAC.SYS BSOD.
  4. Please help analyze. Thanks. · Windows 7 Professional · x64 · Win7 Professional · OEM version · Age of system (hardware): 1 year · Age of OS installation: 1 year. Have you re-installed the OS? Yes. Restore to the original factory settings once. · CPU : Intel i7 5500U 2.4GHz · Video Card : Intel HD Graphics 5500 · System Manufacturer: Fujitsu · Exact model number: U745 · Laptop perfmon.zip SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  5. My daughter brought her computer to me with a blue screen that represented itself as an authentic Microsoft error. However, upon further inspection of the message, several mispells and grammatical errors ("our" computer is..., it is "okey", and a phone number that changes with each restart) lead me to the conclusion this was in fact some sort of virus. I checked several places online and most were similar in advising to start the task manager to put the computer into Safe Mode. Only problem is, it will not allow me to use the Ctl, Alt, Dlt function. Not only was the computer showin
  6. I am behind with my work.. I spent my last 3 days reading forums and trying plenty of things... I used the exact same Windows 7 CD and drivers and programs I used since before formatting/reinstalling, and this time I was getting BSODs every 5-20 minutes. Using the Blue Screen Viewer it was revealing tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe but sometimes also mwac.sys was appearing sometimes.. I remember few years ago I had to uninstall Malwarebytes because it was causing BSODs.. but throughout the time I reinstalled it and worked perfectly. On top of that it made me a bit paranoid always seeing from
  7. Hi Malwarebytes Team I am having various BSOD in my laptop i saw in this forum that first i have to do a clean install of malwarebytes I already done that and I am having the same BSOD from before I use the program WhoCrashed here is the report of WhoCrashed and information about my laptop. System Information (local) Computer name: LAPTOP-T1KQN3UI Windows version: Windows 10 , 10.0, build: 10586 Windows dir: C:\Windows Hardware: Aspire V3-372T, Acer CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHz Intel586, level: 6 4 logical processors, active mask: 15
  8. Hello. I found a forum thread to JerrBear, who seems to have had problems to ones similar I've had in recent months. I've had very few Blue Screens of Death in the time I've owned my current PC, which typically runs quite efficiently, at least until recently. I started having multiple BSODs in a day, my husband the geek tried to trouble shoot, to no avail. My machine wasn't storing crash dump data until very recently, when we realized that CrapCleaner was deleting my dump files. (Incidentally, my husband is also having similar issues on his PC.) Like JerrBear, we run BitDefender Total Se
  9. I've been getting very sporadic restarts/crashes for a while now. And based on "whocrashed" app, it's telling me it's due to MWAC.SYS. I did already search around for this issue, and have tried to uninstall using the mwabcleaner, and reinstalling to no avail. This is the message from the crash dump analysis. Crash dump directory: C:\Windows\Minidump Crash dumps are enabled on your computer. On Tue 4/19/2016 7:57:21 PM GMT your computer crashed crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\041916-15453-01.dmp This was probably caused by the following module: mwac.sys
  10. I'm having the same problem. I also use Bitdefender 2016. I've read through this thread and I've tried doing a clean uninstall/reinstall of BOTH malwarebytes and bitdefender as was detailed earlier in this thread. My PC just crashed again. This has been going on for a couple of months. Any updates and/or help would be appreciated. Tell me what info I need to post and I'll do it.
  11. HI.. Exactly the same problem here, with Malware antimalware home premium AND Bitdefender 2016
  12. Hello. Quite revently, Malwarebytes has started to cause several BSOD's for me. I'm running Malwarebytes Premium (Pro code) At first I didn't know what was causing it, but then I downloaded and ran WhoCrashed, which pinpoints it specifically to Malwarebytes and mwac.sys (Malwarebytes Web Access Control). I have already tried fully removing it and then reinstalling it but the BSOD's returned. I will be forced to remove it for good but I really don't want to, I love Malwarebytes!
  13. Still getting the BSOD after a clean reinstall of W10 Threshold 2 X64. Just reinstall W10 x64, update all driver. Install Bitdefender TS 2016, Install MBAM Premium (last version) > On Firefox/Chrome/Edge when manipulating tabs : BSOD BAD POOL CALLER or sometimes HEADER > ndis.sys, netio.sys or tcpip.sys just crashed. It's an internal incompatibilty between BD2016 and the new MBAM, vice versa. It's easy to reproduce the bug. I had it on multiple computers. This bug can occurs BIOS crash. Only way to recover : Clear CMOS and reflash last BIOS. What the hell ?! 1 month, no update, no s
  14. Sorry to say, but Kaiwen seems to have a valid point. My systems with Bitdefender 2016 and Malwarebytes have gone completely haywire as well the last couple of weeks. Daily BSOD caused by mwac.sys on my main system. All systems, 4 of them, have been completely wiped and everything reinstalled without any manufacturer bloat, but problem still remains.
  15. I have the same problem and I am running BitDefender 2016 as my antivirus.
  16. I've gotten blue screens "BAD_POOL_HEADER" and sometimes even "BAD_POOL_CALLER" (I don't know the difference). I always brushed them aside as they only happened once every month, randomly. I looked up how to solve this and have not found any recent solutions, just people saying they will inform the devs. PC Specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9w83Vn I have fully updated drivers, and I just updated the BIOS too. In the attached image, you can see the WhoCrashed log. In the screenshot, two of the 3 crashes displayed have bad pool header errors. The other one has a bad pool caller err
  17. I am having a similar problem. Based on the lack of response to yours I am not hopeful for a resolution.
  18. Hello! Today as I was just talking with my friends on Teamspeak and playing some java games, I suddenly got a BSOD. After quickly looking at the .dmp file, I noticed the following: CUSTOMER_CRASH_COUNT: 1 DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID: WIN7_DRIVER_FAULT BUGCHECK_STR: 0x3B PROCESS_NAME: mbamservice.ex CURRENT_IRQL: 0 LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 0000000000000000 to fffff88001cf8a40 I'm not an expert, but I believe that file belongs to Malwarebytes and I would love to know if there's something I've done wrong. I put the .dmp file into a zip and uploaded it as an attachment to this post, if s
  19. Good day! I'm a Malwarebytes user experiencing multiple BSoDs on my reasonably young Windows 7 desktop (Jan 2014). I've attached the reports from Perfmon and SysnativeFileCollection. I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Service Pack 1 It's a Dell XPS 8700, this Win7 is the originally-installed OS Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 12 GB installed memory DDR3 Dual channel 1600MHz (4GB x 2 + 2GB x 2) nVidia Geforce GT 635 1 GB DDR3 Motherboard: Dell OKWVT8 S/N ..CN722003B600HK. Version A02 System purchased January 2014 Any assistance would be most gratefully a
  20. Hello, I'm having an issue with the newest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. After installing the latest update I've been repeatedly getting BSOD errors (BAD_POOL_CALLER). I wasn't having any troubles with the previous version. I'm not sure what's triggering the BSOD, it seems to be random. I ran 'BSODInspector' to gather minidump files, please see attached zip. Based on the minidump it looks like the problem might be related to the network as ndis.sys and netio.sys are highlighted. -Fully removed MBAM with the removal tool, reinstalled from website - same problem. -6 BSODs cau
  21. I ran MBAM Prem vs1 for many, many years with no issues on a PC with good specs running Windows7. Vs1 did what it was supposed to and caused no problems. The second I updated to vs2, I started getting BSOD (blue screen of death) crashes. I also started getting limited connectibity issues, requiring reboots to get back online. I went round and round with tech support about the crashes (I wasn't yet associating the connectivity issues to MBAM), who were unable correct this, and I eventually reverted back to vs1. I went for nearly another year with no issues, until vs1 kept detecting 2 non-malwar
  22. Name: Calvin Han OS: Windows 10 X64 Original OS: Windows 8.1 Age of Hardware: 1 year old OS age: 4 months/ have not reinstalled Acer VN7-591G-70rt Laptop I am experiencing multiple errors which are causing the BSOD some of which are dpc_watchdog_violation,0x000001d3 or an error about security essentials. At this point i am unsure if it is hardware or software although i do notice that the BSOD happens after i move with the laptop. I also lose connection with wifi too even though it is still connected with the wifi adapter built in it. SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip perfmon.zi
  23. I attach one zipped file, however, the cmd.exe failed to run and returned: "Report generated 13-11-15 Error An error occured whilst trying to generate the report The system cannot find the path specified" I am running in safe mode presently to stop crashes, so should I reboot and run the file again, since it suggests to me the path is presently turned off? Crashes and BSOD have happened on an ad-hoc basis. Today Desktop Manager crashed and a BSOD turned up. Malewarebytes has been run and is clear - premium member, and table is up to date. Many thanks. SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zi
  24. Okay, so I was browsing around Google and found a thread from last year that explains how Malwarebytes' Malicious Website Protection was causing a BSOD "BAD_POOL_HEADER" connected to the network drivers. Well, after installing Windows 10, I am getting the same error. I have tested (To the best of my ability) and it is definitely Malwarebytes causing the issue (I just assume that it is the Malicious Website Protection though, because I just exited Malwarebytes when I tested a few times, I tested by opening up my Bittorrent client and downloading a few ISO files, whenever I do this Malwarebytes
  25. On four different Dell laptops, I amintermittently getting a 9f blue screen of death. In each case, the blue screen was reported when the computer was coming out of sleep. I sent the minidumps to Dell for analysis, and their final analysis (after some initial misdiagnosis about the WLAN card), was that malwarebytes was running a scan while the computer was sleeping and locking up the computer. Indeed, on my computer (I'm the sysadmin), the mbam scan was set to run at about 2 am. My computer was one of the computers having the problem. Are there any known issues of mbam causing blue scree
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