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  1. So I have a problem I downloaded a hack for a free to play game and censoreded up the guy has like thousand subs but wtf? So the problem is I disabled windows update but the svchost still has 50% I also have tried other ways but nothing worked, I get bsods, sometimes when turning off , Restarting, My pc is normal in safe mode anyone could help me fix this ty
  2. Had this for the last couple of days. I am assuming the BSOD happens when malwarebytes scans late at night when I am asleep: Unable to rename mbamswissarmy.sys (I guess you don't want the bad guys renaming it or elevating permissions either.) any idea on a fix? BSOD 150218.docx
  3. I got a notice that there was a new Malwarebytes Pro program to install. Cool! Left, and came back and Malwarebytes wanted to install AGAIN. Hmmm... So I did it... and got a BSOD...and my Malwarebytes is now the FREE version instead of the Pro version... What to do next???
  4. i was prompted to upgrade to the latest version of MBAM Premium the other night, and then today as i was sitting in front of my PC doing something else, my system suddenly went BSOD. or would that be GSOD (green screen of death)? the error on the crash screen, was "System scan at raised IRQL caught improper driver unload. caused by: MWAC.SYS it hasn't happened again, yet. but this seemed like an unusual enough error that i should report it.
  5. I had this BSOD happen to me as well. I also have ESET. Only happened once so far, but I have been having extremely long shut down issues in excess of ten min. Once I removed malwarebytes, shutdowns are back to normal.
  6. Hi, Recently we have been experiencing random and spiking plague of the BSOD on our Dell systems (all latitude E7470 + very recently some OptiPlex AIO). For almost all of the machines it is related to either Intel WiFi or Graphic driver (Widi). Some are Kernel_data_inpage and other. Recently we were able to narrow plenty of those errors to malwarebytes. For example, one of the machines was restored to factory image. Some basic software was installed. It looked to be fine until Malwareybtes was installed - instant crash right and left. You would boot computer, login and every few minutes
  7. Title says it all. The most common ones I see pop up are Critical_Structure_Error and Memory_Management. I haven't seen the last one in forever, but I had the Critical Structure Error not too long ago, twice in one night. Here is everything required: OS:Windows 10 64 bit Original OS was Windows 10 Full Retail Version All the hardware is 3 months old OS has been reinstalled so many times it is slightly unreal, actually installed Windows 7 at one point to see if it work and it didn't. CPU:AMD - Athlon X4 845 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor V
  8. Hi all, In the past weeks I have had a surplus of different BSOD's. 0x00000024 - ntfs.sys 0x00000001 - tcp1p.sys (2 times) 0x0000003B - Ironx64.sys 0x0000007E - at1kmdag.sys 0x0000007F I am unable to run malwarebytes, neither as an admin nor in safe mode nor from the file itself. When I change the name of the executable file it immediately says that MBAM stopped working. I removed it just now and the file mbshlext.dll remains. I am unable to open sysnative bsod collection app even if I disable my Norton security. I have been able to scan with F
  9. I'm having a problem when I try to install the latest updated version of Malwarebytes 3. Every time I try to install it -- even in Safe Mode -- it triggers a BSOD crash (Kernel Security Check Failure). I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet, with Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. Here is the relevant crash info, as compiled by WhoCrashed: * * * Crash dump directory: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump Crash dumps are enabled on your computer. On Sun 7/16/2017 1:46:34 PM your computer crashed crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\071617-92406-01.dmp This was probably caused by the following
  10. For three days in a row I have experienced a BSOD on my new Win10 laptop with a Stop code of PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA caused by mwac.sys Attached is my MB check file. Please tell me what to do? mb-check-results.zip
  11. Hi, On a new XPS 15 (about a week old). Just had a couple browsers open, a couple RDC sessions. Windows 10. This is actually the second occurrence. The first the laptop simply froze up entirely. NOTE: the system did not actually restart automatically after the blue screen. Files: 1. Sysnative BSOD Dump - how long is this supposed to take? Been running 25min+ with "Waiting for Tasks to complete" message. 2. Permon - attached 3. BSOD screen shot - attached I'll run the other the other tests you suggested in the posting rules and add to this if any
  12. Hi, this is the second system (my main Desktop PC) with what seems to be an identical issue, at least from what I can gather from "Who Crashed". It has Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials running at the same time, and I've attempted to add the exclusions after I started getting the BSOD's. It seems to have started around the time that I upgraded to Malwarebytes 3.0, but I was never really sure because it was around that time that I did a Security Only windows update. Who Crashed is telling me it's the IRST driver iastora.sys (iaStorA+0x877B8). I hav
  13. Hello! I just bought a MSI notebook two days ago. Today I must admit, I was trying to download and crack MS Office using the Office Toolkit program. As soon as I opened the toolkit and selected activate, my laptop turned off and then I got the BSOD with a "critical error" message. My notebook rebooted automatically but is running noticeabily slower since the incident a couple of hours ago. I bought the Bit Defender antivirus along with the notebook so I performed a scan but found nothing. Nevertheless, as minutes went by I received 2 notifications of intends of infections by trojans
  14. For about a month, I have been getting messages that Malwarebytes web protection is turned off. When I try to turn it on, it will not turn on. The computer has to be restarted. I have also been getting Blue Screens of Death. I have scanned the computer with Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, Kaspersky, Windows Defender, and Sophos. Of these, only Sophos detected anything at all; a PUP called Softonic. First, Malwarebytes is, according to Malwarebytes, supposed to detect Softonic. So it's really disturbing to find that it isn't. Second, any suggestions as to what to do?
  15. Hi, I've been getting BSOD's on two of my Win7 machines since about July. It seems to have started around the time that I upgraded to Malwarebytes 3.0, but I was never really sure because it was around that time that I did a Security Only windows update. Both systems of mine that are getting these sporadic BSOD's have Malwarebytes 3.+ and Microsoft Security Essentials. The BSOD's almost always happen around 7:30am - 8:00am. Which is the same time Malwarbytes does it's daily scan. The only thing I have been able to find out through "Who Crashed" is that it's a driver that is triggering
  16. Again I have experienced a BSOD crash on my Windows10 64bit system, Page Fault in Non-Paged Area, file Mbamswissarmy.sys . I am currently using MWB, Component pkg v1.0.236, Update 1.0.3293 . These crashes only seem to occur on or near 2am. mb-check-results_2017-11-19.zip
  17. This is my BSOD report. perfmon.zip SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  18. So of course I'm having an issue that no one else on the entire planet has ever seemed to have. My PC also doesn't work so I have to troubleshoot using my phone so apologies for formatting and all that. I've come across a virus that calls itself "s5m" that is one of the cunty viruses that is a matryoshka doll of other stuff. (Yes I'm annoyed that this thing is on my computer) I believe it is a rootkit, but as I said it has multiple elements so let's just call it a virus. Symptoms: BSOD after 10ish seconds of turning on PC. The stop code says "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT
  19. Since updating to v3.2.2 of Malwarebytes on my windows10 pc I have had 2 crashes with Page Fault in Non Paged Area file MBAMSwissArmy.sys. I have not seen this occur on several Win7 PCs running MWB 3.2.2. How should I proceed in diagnosing this?
  20. While I was out, I got bluescreened. WhoCrashed is telling me that Win7 is blaming the Anti-Ransomware module. As per support sticky, mb-check results(with FRST results) is attached, as is the log: mb-check-results.zip
  21. I scanned my Win7 with Malwarebytes after it experienced issues. 3 generic Trojans were found& removed. Cleanup / restart took overnight to run. My PC starts now but I always get a BSOD about 5 minutes after startup, even in Safe Mode. I've downloaded FRST & run. It doesn't finish before the reboot, logs are attached. I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations on next steps to recover. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  22. I ran AwdCleaner and it found some PUP issues. As soon as I started the cleaning process if got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. See attached screen. I guess v7 is not ready for prime-time.
  23. I currently use Malwarebytes and Windows Defender to protect my computer. Yesterday in the middle of working a blue screen popped up with a sad face and the message KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE. When I try to run a malwarebytes scan the bsod pops up before it can finish in normal and security mode. Sometimes the message says IRQL NOT SUPPORTED. I saw on another forum to try recovery but a message tells me I can't. i tried started from last good configuration date message says I can't. I tried Uninstalling recent security update and the bsod pops up before it can finish the uninstall and resta
  24. I've just downloaded MBAM for my computer and works perfectly fine (scan for rootkits disabled), however, when rootkits scan is enabled it brings up a BSoD and restarts. Running a scan in safe mode (scan for rootkits enabled) works fine. Thanx in advance MB-CheckResult.txt Addition.txt logs.zip FRST.txt
  25. I'm not entirely sure what's causing the bluescreens, as they seem to happen randomly. I've been running memtest on Windows 10, but it says there's nothing wrong at all. I've been using WhoCrashed and SanityCheck to try and figure out what's wrong, but WhoCrashed seems to point at a driver going through the kernel. I'm not sure how to figure out exactly which driver is causing the issue, which is why I'm writing here in hopes someone can help me narrow it down. I've attached the dumps from my crashes, if they're of any help. I look forward to hearing from anyone, and please let me kn
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