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  1. Our software was incorrectly deleted,seriously affecting the image of our company, please help solve the problem manslaughter.
  2. As the title says I've put my phone into safe mode and tried to uninstall the trojan but the option is greyed out, there are no device administrators, any ideas?
  3. Not sure if this is a known bug or not. When I go to launch the app it sometimes takes up to a minutes or two to load. Everything else is fine it runs real time protection, and scanning just fine. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 non-rooted. I also have Norton Mobile, can both of them run at the same time as it does on computers? Thank you, Trilout
  4. I have the standard android browser and Chrome installed on my phablet. On both I keep getting a small advertising pop up appear in the bottom right corner of the browser. I have pop ups blocked, so am trying to find out what is causing. I think I have narrowed it down to one or both of the apps above. I have tried uninstalling both but they automatically come back. While uninstalled the popups appear to stop happening. Anyone know what these apps are? There is little or no discussion on the web about these. Are they new? Are they causing my popups to appear?
  5. Hi, I have a trojan on my phablet that automatically installs apps. I delete the apps, but still have problems. Security 360 and Malwarebytes found the trojan: Android/Trojan.gedma.rp However, neither can remove it. When I run Malwarebytes, I go through these steps: Delete Do you want to delete? OK Device Management - Do you want to uninstall app? OK UNINSTALL UNSUCCESSFUL How do I get this off of my tablet? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have a trojan on my phablet that automatically installs apps. I delete the apps, but still have problems. Security 360 and Malwarebytes found the trojan: Android/Trojan.gedma.rp However, neither can remove it. When I run Malwarebytes, I go through these steps: Delete Do you want to delete? OK Device Management - Do you want to uninstall app? OK UNINSTALL UNSUCCESSFUL How do I get this off of my tablet? Thanks.
  7. Hello all, I've been using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my Moto G (2nd Gen) ever since I got it in June, running Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop). I usually keep cellular data switched off because I'm on WiFi a lot and only enable it when I quickly need to go online to check something. Yesterday I went on a 4:30 hour drive and used Google Maps for navigation, so I did switch on cellular data. Once I arrived, I noticed that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware had racked up around 90MB of background data during the drive, while Google Maps had used less than 40MB! I don't know the exact numbers since I didn't w
  8. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the right place on the forum, but I'm sure you'll redirect me if necessary. I've been receiving very bizarre messages on my Android phone from something called "clean master". I've double checked and I have no such app on my phone. The most bizarre thing about this pop up is that it appears every time I connect to my home network! My Android device is the only one that has ever been connected within my home network, so I doubt I've picked it up from anywhere other than the internet. I should also point out that I have not once clicked on one just in case. How
  9. My HP laptops browsers & Android Browsers got infected first . Chrome was badly hit by pop ups on almost every click. Any site redirects automatically to the URL starting from ad-type.google.com and then redirecting to Total Ad Performance.com. I cleaned all extensions from chrome, blocked pop ups, checked all necessary steps to stop these pop us, deleted cache cookies etc. , No useless software or toolbar. Added Ad Block Plus to Chrome,Scanned with Malware bytes & Avast Security. As of now i'm a bit relieved as less pop ups are coming but once in 5 min a pop up from Total ad perfo
  10. My Mobile Malwarebytes notified me of an android/trojan.smspy.hy detection in /system/app/BasicSmsReceiver/BasicSmsReceiver.apk. When I select it and then the Delete button, however, Malwarebytes asks me if I want to uninstall the app and then fails to remove it when I confirm the removal. I can't find anything about this detection via a search on Google or Malwarebytes.org. Is this a valid detection or possibly a false positive? If valid, what are my next steps?
  11. I found a post "Android Installer Hijacking Vulnerability" and then installed an app 'Installer Hijacking Scanner' from Palo Alto Networks and tested my device for vulnerability. Well, there are many people tried this app. Some found their phone safe and some do not. there is one more post in this forum asked the same issue. What is this Android Installer Hijacking and how to fix phones infected with it. Please suggest a solution for all possible versions of android. i am on jelly bean right now. Thank you so much!~
  12. Hello gang! A notice just showed up on my new phone I just got a few days ago. It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 4.4 Kitkat. Malwarebyte's has three options to choose from: Skip> Add to Whitelist> Uninstall. I really don't understand this because T-Mobile and my sister are the only ones who has sent me messages. I have never had a cell phone before so I'm learning how to operate this thing. I will wait to here from you because I don't know what to do at this point. Thank you!
  13. If I root my android device and after its done and I do a full scan with mbam on my android will it scan the files the root method has Install and check to make sure that the Dev of the root method is not spying on me with spyware. I just a worry wart I guess. I would like to root my Galaxy note 8 with Chainfire EU or another method . I hate how the note has a crap load of bloatware that used up 50% of the systems ram and there's a couple root apps I'd like to use. Also my tablet always loses WiFi signal every 20 mins so maybe there's a better app to help that. I have a nexus 5 which has reall
  14. Hello, I'm having an issue with MBAE and Eclipse. MBAE is terminating my Eclipse session during regular use, such as updating installed addons or creating new Android application project. -Attempting to use the software addon updater caused MBAE to terminate Eclipse with the message 'unpack200 blocked from executing through Java' during installation of one of the updates. -During the creation of a new Android project MBAE will terminate eclipse with the message 'The file AndroidManifest.xml has been blocked'. Adding an exclusion does not help as the file hash will change for each new project
  15. When I try scanning my device, it scans a little too fast. Is it skipping a few files? Is it because it's conflicting with Avast! antivirus?
  16. One of my users has reported that Malwarebytes flagged my app, "Compufart FREE: Fart Synthesis" as malware. This seems very unusual as the only thing the app does that could be construed as suspicious is reading/writing preferences. Please let me know that something can be done about this. The app can be found here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.audolon.millenium.free
  17. From your PDF; "Application Whitelisting Enables you to “allow” legitimate applications Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile has marked as suspicious so that future scans run without flagging the whitelisted applications incorrectly" How exactly? All I seem to be able to do is see a list of running apps and if I long press, then all I seem to be able to do is "Force Close" or "System Info" - !?!?! I haven't found any other options for this yet... I wish you chaps would stop trying to so 'modern' and just write a User Manual (better yet, include a 'Function Reference' too - some people like to
  18. I could use some help. I believe I have a trojan in the family of Zbot/Zeus on either my computer or Android phone (or both). I connect to the internet at home via wifi hotspot with my Android phone. I had a suspicion something was wrong and ran all the normal anti-virus/malware software which came up with a couple issues. After this I attempted to start an account with this forum and was denied access with the following: "Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#1001] You are not allowed to visit this community." This looked suspicious so I checked to see if my IP was blacklisted. As I ha
  19. pouvez-vous créer une version mobile ( pour android , iphone ... )? j'adore malwarebyte mais si on peut pas l'utiliser sur toute les plateformes je migre vers avast ! (GOOGLE TRANSLATION because i'm french ^^)
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