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  1. I have a Sprint Slate tablet and it is driving me crazy. Most times I use it for playing a game (Fire Emblem Warriors) and it gets minimal use otherwise. After I turn it on to the game the screen goes black, goes to the lock screen and I have to unlock it to play the game. This can happen too many times to count-sometimes around 50. Also, at times icons have disappeared . When I am playing the game often the tablet freezes and I have to turn it off and then back on to continue. This tablet has never been connected to wi fi and I have been very careful about the websites I visit, which ar
  2. For past few days any time I use Google Chrome on my Samsung S8 I see a box displaying "us.prioritized456be.top" and a recording speaking Latin-like gibberish for 10-15 seconds. A display then says "Cleaner Update for Samsung recommended" "Install suggested antivirus product for free to clean your Samsung immediately" with the buttons Instalar and Cancelar. Sure seems like a virus to me even though I only use apps from Google Playstore, don't use my Chrome browser often except for legitimate search or news sites. Also, have Malwarebytes Premium on this phone since Jan 5 2018 and its sta
  3. Hi there, Last night I decided to try out Malwarebytes for Android on my Samsung S8. Since the installation, all of the 3 messenger apps I installed on my Samsung S8 inside the Secured Folder (fka Knox) are no longer working. All of them produce a "connection error" when I start them up. I may have given Malwarebytes too many permissions I guess, but I need to know which permission I should take back without uninstalling the entire malware protection if you know what I mean. I'm not super technical, so it would be nice if someone can tell me where I should go in the phone settings and wh
  4. Enabling the Malwarebytes Safe Browsing Scanner (Setting>General>Accessibility) will prevent Mini View (Settings>Display>More) from working entirely on my LG G6 (LG-H872). I would like to have this extra layer of security running, but Mini View is a MUST for me and my tiny hands. I have heard that people are having similar issues on the LG V20. Any fix available or in the works? Thank You, Joshua Logsdon
  5. My first time scan on m android seems to have remove 8 files BUT there seems to be no information on WHAT was deleted since I can't find the Scan Logs. I'm trying to check if there are any false positives but the only information I found on the subject seems to be this thread which does not answer the question I have the latest version of Android and Malwarebytes for Android.
  6. Even though I pay for Malwarebytes, my 'front end access' always states I am using Malwarebytes FREE. I have just paid again - BUT no email from Malwarebytes with Activation Code AND at suggestion of Malwarebytes while I was making my last payment, I agreed to installation of Malwarebytes on my android phone. I was informed Malwarebytes had downloaded to my phone BUT where is it? Does Malwarebytes actually exist or is it Malware? - Lynne
  7. Hello, i purchased a Malwarebytes premium key a while ago for a lifetime membership. I was just wondering if that extended to my android device as well.
  8. I installed Malwarebytes on my android phone, using recommended settings. No malware found. I had been using Firefox and Chrome. Now neither one functions. I can still make calls. Appreciate any replies, no comment is too basic....
  9. I am repeatedly being brought to a Play Store page for a random app and Malwarebytes doesn't seem to know whatever is causing this exists. I tried clearing browser history and cache, as the person who replied to my Play Store review said, but it did nothing. This is with the Premium Trial by the way.
  10. I know that there is an option for hiding the app icon but can there also be an option to hide the pull down notification that says "Crushes Malware. Restores Confidence."? I have found a way to turn this off, just go Settings>Apps>Malwarebytes under Android and uncheck the Show Notification. However if you do this you will not be told if something is wrong with your system.
  11. I have recently bought an O+ phone and installed it Malwarebytes mobile and it detected two malware: Android/Trojan.Andup.e/system/priv-app/SysCore_AD_OverSea_ad_ibd_001_20150212_V7.2.4_001.apk which displays as Android System version 7.2.4 Android/PUP.Riskware.Batmob.me/system/app/Lovelyfonts/lovelyfonts_huaquin_noicon_4.apk Malwarebytes mobile can't delete it and I'm not sure what to do at this point. I can disable it thought, but not removed. Would it be removed when the phone is reformatted?
  12. I pay for Malwarebytes on my laptop (Windows 10) and used the free version for at least a year on my Android. When the new Android update came out and gave me a free 30 day trial period of the premium version, I downloaded it. It never worked and I deleted it. Recently, I retried it and again, it failed to operate correctly and I had to delete it. Any tips or suggestions? Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  13. So Malwarebytes now wants to charge for Android. Fair enough. First electronic nightmare: Learning of this change arrives in discovering the icon has changed and the app is asking me for permissions to upgrade to Premium. Sure, it's probably ok, but how do I know this isn't a clever piece of malware? Someday, a hacker will figure out this would be a really good way to phish for information. Second electronic nightmare: Having established that this is legitimate software, I decide to go Premium. But the Play Store declines to accept the cell provider as a payment system. Why? Who kno
  14. When I activate safe browsing scanner, I'm directed to enable accessibility for Malwarebytes. Once done, I receive a screen that says the following: So with that: 1. Do I need to make a choice between having an encrypted phone OR using safe browsing? (maybe I'm missing something) 2. If it is the case that I must choose between the two, is Malwarebytes covering me in the same way that my phone's encryption does? 3. Is there a way to circumvent this? (I'm not rooted) 4. Or, will my phone still be encrypted, not using the screen lock for enhancement, in which
  15. Is it really safe for using to root mobiles? I´m experiencing a warning from my antivirus, which warns me about malwares that could be easily installed in my smartphone if I use it. Even my PC´s notifications say that, as you can see in the attached image. Please help me!! Can anyone clarify it for me?! Help!!
  16. So apparently my dad caught that Adobe Flash Player virus on his phone, and now he can't uninstall it cause it's a hidden administrative application (or whatever it's called). It's a virus that displays a pop-up window everytime an app is opened, and it asks for your credit card information. I tried installing an app to detect it and disable its administrative priveleges but the scan showed no results. What now? P.S. The thing identifies as Malware but can't even be disabled, force stopped or cache-cleared. Is there a way to forcibly remove it via a computer or any other method?
  17. I purchased little over a year ago a lifetime key for malwarebytes for my PC. The question is are you able to use that on your phone (android) as well?
  18. I would like to buy your Android version for a couple of phones; I have credit card details stored on your website. Can I buy the Android subscription from my Malwarebytes account?
  19. Hey guys, I was wondering something. When I found out that Android's Malwarebytes was updated to 3.0 thus taking advantage of premium finally, I wondered if my current lifetime premium license would work for it. The current number is a different kind of number from newer ones so I can't use the "redeem" option in the app . So I thought I'd see if I had an account that maybe has a mobile license number attached to it, but what I'm seeing is I can't create an account unless i paid for a temporary subscription from the website. I was hoping to login to a similar account on both my computer and mo
  20. Just upgraded to paid version yesterday. Now I find that I cannot see various files on my Nexus 5 Android phone when I connect via USB. This is how I transfer and manage music files and such and it has always worked perfectly in the past. It might be a coincidence but it seems just too suspicious to be such. Oh, and the files are actually there if I look at the phone's contents through its file manager -- they just don't show up anymore when I'm looking with File Explorer on W10-64.
  21. This is on an Letv One Pro x800 So earlier today ads started poping up on my screen on the home screen and in ads, advertising other ads (mainly swiftkey). I've googled it for the past 2 hours but havent found a solution. I've deleted most apps and rebooted but nothing. I've downloaded some virus scanners but they've haven't found anything. I just downloaded a malware app and that found 5 things. 4 of these having "trojen" in them. The other has "PUP.Adware.Ewind.o". I would delete them but all 4 of them I'm certain were installed with the phone. For the other though I don't remember s
  22. LG Optimus L90 Android Malwarebytes Mobile detects a program called: Task Manager, version 4.41.1, com.lge.lmk. App Info indicates: This may cost you money, reroute outgoing calls, etc. I cannot find adequate information about what this app is. Since and update installed that and Quick Translator, many app install dates appear as year 1970. Is my phone infected? Thanks.
  23. I have a Galaxy S6 Edge running on Android 6.0.1. My Malwarebytes used to scan 93 files in 5-6 seconds, but after I deleted and reinstalled the program, the scanner only scans 10 files in 2-3 seconds. What's going on? Is the phone infected?
  24. Hi, First of all please excuse my probably bad englisch, it's not my foreign language. Im having some issues with my Archos 50c Platinum. It's running 5.1 Lollipop. Malwarebytes shows that the phone is infected with pup.adware.kemoge and trojan.agent.pg and both cant be removed. Kemoge is located in "BH70I_ServiceProvider.apk" and trojan.agent.pg in "Settings.apk". The Settings.apk is running a service called "com.android.jservice.provider" which seems to cause a lot of trouble with my phone: The service - if not deactivated - uses a lot of Akku and also seems
  25. Hello MBAMM support, unfortunately I'm here to report a new bug which affects MBAMM Indeed, many bugs have been fixed with this latest version, but now I'm experiencing a new issue on my Motorola Nexus 6 updated to the latest build, May 1st 2016 security patch of Android Marshmallow 6.0.1: with the earlier releases, MBAMM always scanned and found over 1330 files (between apps and media) and when I turned my smartphone on, it always performed the boot scan, while now, even if I've cleaned data and cache and reinstalled the app, it always finds only 150-200 files (about 8 files and 15
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