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Found 108 results

  1. During my MalwareBytes Scan, Adware.Elex.Shrtcln keeps showing up as a threat. Every time I quarantine and remove it upon restarting, it keeps returning in a following scan. So I would like some assistance in being able to remove it permanently. Thank you. Threat Summary.txt
  2. I hacked at it for several days and followed these instructions. That being to reset all browsers, set sync and delete the ->google\chrome\default\ files finally malware bytes ran and said that one file was not deleted. If I remember correctly I had seen this before and it had changed names. It was "Preference Saved" or similar but not just plain "Preference." I went to it and deleted it. So far after a full day no problems. It was not "preference" but another preference file. I was surprised that Malwarebytes could not delete it but I could go in and delete it. I think it is where the Search60 virus stores the bot that reinstalls the virus.
  3. Earlier today I saw that when I typed in the searchbar in chrome, google would briefly appear and then would switch to SearchSixty, its a pest of a search engine, I searched my programs, nothing unusual, reset chrome, still pops up, full scanned with avast and malwarebytes, no issues were found, uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, still it pops up every time I use the searchbar, but not if I go to the google homepage, is there something I'm missing to remove it?
  4. So lately, I've discovered a program that is running and in the startup called svcmcx. I don't know what it is for but searching through the internet, I see that it is a trojan or something. It's probably why I keep getting Safe Search as my search engine. I can't even start up Malwarebytes anymore!! Can someone tell me what to do to get rid of this? Thanks
  5. I have been facing the malware issue where the browser gets redirected multiple times ultimately to a phishing attempt. earlier this was on both my laptops for which I realised the issue was with the modem/router. but even after changing the modem and updating the firmware, I still face the issue but only on macOS. MalwareBytes says the system is clean, while I don't see anything strange on my laptop manually as well. please suggest a fix! Thank you.
  6. My windows 7 desktop seems to be infected with some kind of adware. It has evaded multiple malwarebytes scans as well as bitdefender pro scans. There are several culprits, including puttr18, searchbind.net, pipeschannels, adsh*t, etc. These will open in a new tab at any time, even if I click somewhere random on the screen where there isn't any kind of visible trigger. They will either redirect to some scammy site or just close on their own. I have found NO way to prevent this. There appear to be no fishy programs on my computer, no fishy processes running, nothing. Initially virus scanning yielded a couple results, but the problem persists and they no longer find anything. Another thing that happens is that certain words will be highlighted and clicking on them will open some more scam sites. This works and has been tested with both browsers on my computer (chrome and opera) whether in incognito, private browsing, new sessions and users, doesn't matter. This means it's on my computer and not an extension or anything like that.
  7. Hi, I am very new to this. I am so happy I found your site. It detected over 2000 threats. 2 were identified as malware (Please see image) and all the others were PUP files (?). When malwarebytes prompted me to quarantine, I noticed the 2 identified as malware were not on the list. I proceeded with the process anyway and in the final report I did not see those 2 items. Does this mean it was never removed? How would I remove it if they weren't? Thank you, J
  8. I have been working on removing a browser hijacker for over a month now. This program is super hardcore. I have been able to remove all virus and adware for decades ...since my 5 inch monochrome screen said you are stoned and had been infected from a 5 1/4 floppy disk. But this program has me BEAT and I am here asking for HELP. This hijacker (adware...ransomware?) works on both Internet Explorer and chrome....essentially every time I open a page from from home screen I get one of the comcast survey.....You've been infected ...call microsoft pop-ups/redirected page. I have run every virus/adware/ransomware/hijacker detection program and NOBODY can find it. windows 7 pro updated to today avg free up to date 2 hard drives both with a active copy of win 7 Restore system is normally turned on Programs tried AVG Norton "eraser" malwarebytes free adwcleaner Emsisot Emergency Cleaner BDantiransomware I have unenabled all extensions in browsers uninstalled and reinstalled all browsers I have also tried using system restore but that did not work also..... PLS HELP
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