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  1. Hello Can you please help whitelist EZhelp again? Without making any changes to the program EZhelp20.exe ....it is being detected again. This time as Malware Generic 2987068651 Using Malwarebytes 4.1.0 update 1.0.21460 If you need more information about the program, I am happy to answer any questions you have. The description was also in the first post. I have attached a zip copy of the program. The password is "infected" Thank you again CPC EZhelp20.zip
  2. Hello Incorrectly being detected as MachineLearning/Anomalous. 100% again. Since I was coming here again anyhow, I took the opportunity to also recompiled this to include a minor screensaver fix. The program remains the same as described above... No malware, no virus, no adware and it does only as described above.. This is simply ultavnc from www.uvnc.com set to refuse incoming connections and force the use of a password and encryption to make it more secure. Thank you very much... CPC EZhelp20.zip
  3. Help please...being detected again. I am sorry to bother you with this again... I made a small change to the gui in EZhelp, recompiled it and now it is being detected as "MachineLearning/Anomalous.100%" The program description, use and function remains the same as above. Attached the most recent copy compiled earlier today. Hopefully you can white list it again for me, so that I can continue helping people remove malware Happy New Year CPC EZhelp20.zip
  4. Thank you... With your help... it is no longer being detected at this time.
  5. EZhelp20.exe is currently being detected as follows... MachineLearning/Anomalous. 100% I wrote and have been using EZhelp to support windows users for over a decade helping people removing viruses and malware ( installing malwarebytes for those customers thousands of times.) EZhelp wraps UVNC and does the following vs the default uvnc...Its a portable on demand program that runs only upon the user's command to do so, blocks incoming connections, only allows 1 secure outgoing reverse connection and forces the use of encryption to connect only to my support helpdesk ipaddress.... This is all done to make if extremely secure for the clients that use it to receive helpdesk support. It does exactly what it is written to do and no more. No ads, no malware and no virus. The users who have this program know exactly what it is for and have read its terms of use before hand. The users of the program know who I am and the phone number. Support is only given to those who agree to the terms of use and call the phone number. Occasionally I recompile the program to include the latest security updates and then rename w/ the last two digits of the program to reflect the year/version. I just recompiled this program to include the latest uvnc from www.uvnc.com. Since doing so, I am getting the false positive. Please whitelist / remove this false positive detection so I can continue to help users battle malware and other scams. Thank you CPC EZhelp20.zip
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