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  1. Yes I'm still using Webroot AV (Fast!), and I've had the same disable after MBAM scan issue... with- Trend Micro Norton IS Bit Defender IS
  2. You do a manual full scan(with Rootkits)/reboot, and 12min later get a Win notification saying Windows Reports AV/FW is disabled...- click to verify, and it's back on- I've been having this problem with MBAM (on-demand too) since Win-7, and changed AV's several times not realizing MBAM was at fault! :o( I will be doing a complete uninstall ASAP, so don't ask for any logs...
  3. 1. Webroot AntiVirus is my primary AV, and I disabled MBAM Register with MS- Is this Correct? 2.I ticked Desktop Icon on installation, but later deleted the icon. MBAM doesn't show running in Task Manager- Is it Hidden, or should I Restore icon from Start Menu, or reinstall MBAM, or...?
  4. I had MBAM Premium paid, and Trend Micro Internet Security both active/installed.- I started having strange issues with TM- their support informed me that MBAM active is not compatible with TM, and had me uninstall/reinstall with it free/on-demand. BTW- I had similar MBAM active incompatibility problems with Norton IS!- I mistakenly let their pesky techs log onto my computer, and really goof up my system!
  5. I have a Fast Win10 64bit desktop computer, with MBAM free on-demand only- If I just click Scan, it only takes 37 seconds. If I then click Advanced Scan..., and tick Rootkit/ C: drive/Scan it is Very Slow (only 2/3 done in 27 minutes, and MBAM is whitelisted in my TM IS active AV !). I finally Cancel/reboot... Then I get a "Buy MBAM" pop-up Nag (how do I Stop this?). How do I configure to get a Faster Rootkit scan?
  6. Thank you for the reply!- 1. I already clicked Ignore, and MBAM no longer appears after scans. 2. I will add MBAM to Exception list. G'night Scott
  7. When I run a TM scan I get an incompatible with MBAM message (see snip)- I searched,and found a post... by Igolomb saying Configure policy scan settings in TM?- There is no such setting in TM IS?
  8. Thank you for the instructions as my MBAM pro Consumer download is not working well!?- It takes 1min 45sec to show on taskbar on startup (fully defraged fast computer/ high speed cable internet), and blocks any setting changes I try to make to IE9... I have to disable protection before making Any system changes too (defrag.../In ignore list...).. I am trying to use MBAM in place of anti-virus, but it's not working well for that. I tried MSE with MBAM protection disabled, but it also blocks most everything (Hassle!- can't disable it from taskbar). Q?- Would it be better to run clean.exe in Safe
  9. I fresh installed ver 11/13/2011 (yesterday). Reboot and started trial (clean full scan, with one reported FP that your forum Dev replied would be corrected in the next update). I also did 3 clean on-demand anti-malware scans. Up until now I liked MBAM MUCH better than my old Buggy Avira Premium v12 (uninstalled pre-mbam & ran their registry cleanup tool/CCleaner...). Problem?- A couple of hours ago I had a hard system freeze while surfing with IE9 (also had a 1sec power drop 30min prior & all applications auto-closed/reboot)!? Monitor was on, but mouse & keyboard wer
  10. MwSnap is a nifty free screen shot program, downloaded from softpedia. After a full scan virus alert!?- I submitted the .exe to VirusTotal (see .jpg attachment)= 0/42
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