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  1. Thank You!- I Really like seeing green/red check marks, and Chrome is Much Faster! I added this to Edge too (I ticked the allow other... option), even though it originally said for Chrome.
  2. 1. My scan settings (default), are for after shutdown, and I assume it scans sometime after cold startup (when?). Where are the logs, so I can verify? 2. I ticked Rootkits option, as I want safe shopping!- This increased manual scan times from 23 seconds, to 2.5 minutes (so be it!). Is this OK?
  3. Thank You!- I installed Ublock Origin, and it works Good! 🐵
  4. Does this mean that Only safe searched sites are loaded, or am I clicking blind?
  5. Win 10 Pro, Google Chrome, Defender Primary/ MBAM 4.3/Browser Guard secondary. With my old AV's WebGuard's..., there were green check marks next to browsing safe sites, and yellow next to bad sites- This kept me from clicking on un-safe sites. With Browser Guard, there are No check marks!?- Is it supposed to be this way, or is it not working properly? I don't like this, and they should upgrade...!?
  6. Win 10 Pro, Google Chrome, Defender Primary/ MBAM 4.3 secondary. I recently installed MBAM 4.3/Browser Guard, and see that Ads/Trackers are blocked- I have AdBlock Plus installed, from before, and feel this is probably redundant?- Should I Disable/Remove it?
  7. I've had problems in the past with 4.2 scans deactivating my Webroot AV!- I uninstalled both/ran your cleanup tool, and tried McAfee Total Protection (Yuck!- Very Slow, and buggy...!). I'm back to Defender after running cleanup, and ready to install 4.3...- Do I install/close scan/reboot open Edge then Chrome, and add (I don't like Firefox) Should I Register it with MS, or leave Defender as Primary?
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