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  1. Looking at prevx /webroot , trend micro , panda cloud. I think mbam should be cloud based to help detection and removal. What ever the program finds while scanning it would send it to the cloud to be determined to be safe or not. The computers that has mbam cloud would already have the new things to find because there no need for downloads update, so the turn around is faster. With less overhead on the pc due to no updates.
  2. how about making a boot cd that uses Linux based but can scan the mbr and the hole hard drive and registry. to help find those nasty bugs that u cant find in normal mode. and to add to that what about adding another tool for fixing messed up system setting/files , kinda like a system restore but it different in away. to help fix hijack settings.
  3. is it possible to show the registry keys that's being scanned?
  4. Hi is it possible to do a deep registry scan while u run the full scan? instead of the quick scan it dose . i would think a deep one would help out allot in try to detect the virus/spyware problems on these computers.
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