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  1. here is some more cloudflare ip's still being blocked:
  2. rlslog.net is being blocked http://www.robtex.co...4.0.170.html#ip
  3. same ips above being blocked here. and another cloudflare one
  4. ive looked into these ip's and they are not blacklisted anywhere
  5. hello, i like the new protection feature. its nice to have when other people use the computer. but if you right click on mbam icon on the tray you can disable everything. theres no password protection on that part of the program.
  6. i had to disable my avira web protection. but is this weird or is just me? look at this screenshot http://postimage.org/image/uqlqu1r4b/
  7. idk if this is where i post it but yea. http://i.imgur.com/RFp1S.jpg
  8. hulshare.com is being blocked. it is not malware. i use it to download music
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