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  1. Hi guys I just bought my 2nd licence for my new notebook. Keep up the good work Greetz, Red.
  2. Me stupid. Maybe I should ask Bruce Greetz, Red
  3. Hi Marcin I am just curious : With the last update I see " (ADDED) New heuristics for Vundo infections. " Can you tell us more about it ? Have you any idea what percentage of new Vundo infections it will detect ? Like I said, I am just curious And if you can't tell us more, I perfectly understand that Greetz, Red.
  4. Thank you Greetz, Red.
  5. Hi Insomniac Thank you for your thoughts, I realy apreciate it Greetz, Red.
  6. The news goes fast But yes you are right, I am thinking about 2 possible real time security configurations : - Online Armor Pro - Avast! Pro - MBAM - CIS Firewall with Defence+ - Avast! Pro - MBAM I haven't decided yet ... Greetz, Red.
  7. Hi everyone I just bought a licence for testing, and I hope I am welcome here Greetz, Red.
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