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  1. I am having the same issue, malware keeps crashing
  2. I have been noticing the numbering system on the updates seems somewhat odd.Like my current version now just updated to 911122601 from another number, seems like I've been missing major updates unless the numbering system has changed somewhat.
  3. I have recommended this application to several of my friends who some are not computer savy, I want to know if there is a simple batch file that might have been created for this software so that the user can just run the batch file, and the batch file will update (even though pro does this already) but also scan the user's system and remove all the malware that is found in one easy step. Thanks for any info on this Nickjr
  4. Gentlemen, The batch file that I received in a private message did the trick, the application seems to be functioning as designed; however when I ran the batch file that worked for me regarding the tooltip to appear when I went to iptest.malwarebytes.org, is not working on my friends computer, it does block the site but no popup after runing that batch file I received when I was having a similar issue. I want to thank everyone who has helped me and my friend to get this application up and running smoothly. Thank You NickJr
  5. Windows XP SP3, has the Pro Version, uninstalled the CD version and d/l from the malwarebytes web site and after install, the app shows up in program menu, but when you click on the program, program does not run. Seesm to comeup only when install from cd but then update does someting to make it not work. D/L from website, and then nothing. I will tell you that OS is installed on Drive H instead of Drive C if that matters.
  6. I told a friend of mine to purchase this product since I love this product, she did, I installed it fine from the CD and then it went into to do the update, and when it did the update, the application will not come up. I uninstalled a few times and reinstalled from the CD and the same problem. Could it be a problem with the OS? What is the minimum OS needed to run the updated version sucessfully? Or is this a possisble bug with the update. Thanks for any info NickJr
  7. Tool tip does not display, even though it is checked
  8. I purchased 2 pro licenses and installed one on my laptop and the other on my desktop, on my desktop, malware bytes automatically downloads and installs the latest update and seems at times to block intrusions, however on my laptop, I have to manually update the definitions and it has never seem to block any malware unless I do a scan. I use ESET AV on both systems. Anyone have a clue why one seems to work and other works like the freeware version, even though it shows like it is the Pro version on both.
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