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  1. Talking about Mbamservice. I didn't think it was worth starting another thread, but found this: My computer slowed right down...mmm.. what could it be - I have Malwarebytes disabled. Spark up Task manager - no, still there - firing away - is Mbamservice... It seems like I am going to have to be very careful about, and very attentive to this program.
  2. Hi. I bought Malwarebytes a little while back and it has been working perfectly on my system, until I disabled the 'startup with windows' option a couple of times. I enabled and disabled it fine and it worked perfectly, but now I can not get it to start with windows at all. I didn't change anything - it just refuses to boot with windows. I have checked everything is starting up in Autoruns - no problems there and also services.msc. Though when I was checking services.msc I found that the mbamservice.exe can just not be shut down any way. Though that starts, the program itself does not. Now, when I click the 'Enable Protection Module' it then starts and the option is there to start with windows. Except that it just plain refuses to do that, apart from mbamservice. I am on win7 64-bit SP1. I am running from a standard user account and it just will not work any more. When I log out and into the administrator account it is there and working perfectly. The icon is in the task bar tray. With my standard user account it is no where to be seen. I have un-installed and re-installed from both accounts and have even used the Mbam clean program you recommend, taking care to re-start the machine on each 'pass'. I have prevx (free version-scanner only) and Comodo Firewall installed also. There does not appear to be any conflicts I can see and as I mentioned, up till now everything has worked just fine. I have spent about 5 or 6 hours trying to get this to work and am finally at a loss where I need to ask for some help. I build computers and do a bit of programming, but this has me stumped. I'd like to get to the bottom of it and understand what has gone wrong because I use and experiment with various security programs/windows features. Though I must say Comodo configured well (which I have) and Mbam Pro running together seem like an ideal combination to me. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Maybe something else I could try that I haven't thought of? Thanks.
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