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  1. I removed my MBAM with the MBAM Clean Utility and installed the Beta version instead, but it didn't help. Still no Internet connection while the MBAM services are loading. As soon as the icon appears in the systray, I can browse again in Firefox. I even decided to disable MBAM from starting with Windows and restarted the computer. The problem remains until I completely remove MBAM again. For now, I have removed MBAM completely and will not be installing it again. I will wait for a future official release. Thank you for your assistance, but I'm out of time to run the diagnostic tools.
  2. I don't know if this has been covered already, but I didn't find anything. Every time I start my computer, my Internet connection won't work as long as MBAM hasn't fully loaded (icon in the systray). Is this a known bug? I must say I really don't like that excruciatingly long delay. In version 1.75, there wasn't any delay but I could manually add one in the registry to eliminate any conflict with ESET at startup. I could choose how long I wanted it. 60 seconds was perfect for me! Now, it's set automatically to something like at least 2 to 4 minutes. That's way too long for nothing. Could y
  3. Just heard about Malwarebytes' Anti-Exploit Beta for the first time. Can you tell me if it's part of other MBAM products like my MBAM Premium? What's different about it? Saw someone having trouble with Internet Explorer 11 because of it. IE would not open either in Normal or Safe Mode. Disabling MBAM fixed everything. Is it still active in Safe Mode, or does it insert bits in the registry? Thanks
  4. The system is XP Pro with 2 GB of RAM. (again, would be nice to be able to edit posts...)
  5. I'm running MBAM Premium and ESET Smart Security together. I haven't noticed any difference when shutting down MBAM.
  6. I happen to like version 2.0 (Premium). It fixed important issues I was having with MBAM 1.75, my new external hard drive, and ESET.
  7. I do not believe MBAM would include Conduit, that's for sure. But as I was saying, why would these entries in System Restore show up only yesterday, when I had deleted traces of Conduit a long time ago? Why didn't AdwCleaner, MBAM or ESET see anything before the MBAM update, as I run scans regularly (even the day before)? I guess we'll never know.
  8. Too bad we cannot edit posts on this forum... As a clarification, I meant to say "a long time ago" instead of "before".
  9. I run ESET, MBAM, AdwCleaner scans on a regular basis. I believe they all look inside System Restore files. AdwCleaner did delete a couple of traces of the incredibly annoying Conduit crapware in the registry before, but it's odd it did not delete those... Can you be 100% sure MBAM or whatever download process it may be using didn't pick up anything nasty on the way? I cannot believe MBAM would intentionally include spyware or adware with its software though...
  10. It's odd though. While installing, MBAM might have triggered something with svchost.exe detected by ESET. Actually, the way it happened is at the end of MBAM's installation, as soon as I hit the "Finish" button, the computer just froze. I decided to leave it alone for a while. Came back later and that's when I saw the warnings from ESET, and the computer was working again. However, MBAM wasn't fully enabled.
  11. Had an update tonight to version While the update (download and installation) was taking place, ESET' NOD32 blocked the following 2 elements. I had nothing else running and wasn't browsing the Web either. 2014-04-05 00:03:10 Real-time file system protection file D:\System Volume Information\_restore{612D3D17-1360-41CC-AEF6-BB18E6A7D1F6}\RP1934\A0443731.exe a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Conduit.I potentially unwanted application deleted - quarantined AUTORITE NT\SYSTEM Event occurred on a file modified by the application: C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe. 2014-
  12. Also true. I do disable most of the 'check for updates automatically'. However, I keep more critical applications automatically updated or ask them to prompt me. I particularly like the Alternative Flash Auto-Updater. It can alert you as soon as a new Flash update is available on the Adobe servers, way before Flash actually updates (after a reboot - some people never turn off their computer...). The program will ask you if it can install Flash for IE, Firefox or other browsers. It's very light on system resources and updates Flash painlessly.
  13. A large number of programs will most annoyingly prompt you (iTunes, Skype and Adobe products being notorious for that) to update them when opened, so third party updaters aren't that necessary. I just don't want to know, unless something is not to my liking.
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