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  1. I ran a MalwareBytes scan and found nothing after an earlier trojan that was removed. I periodically get the following: 16:16:59 IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing) It doesn't seem to be happening when I'm accessing particular websites, I'm not running any P2P programs, and never have but I do use Skype. Just wondering if anyone knows what this could be, since I apparently don't have any malware on my machine. Thanks
  2. I've just run a scan using Melwarebytes and it says it removed Rogue.GalileoCleaner. I'm trying to find some information about this Trojan online, specifically to see what it does (or did) on my system. I'm mainly looking to check that it wasn't a keylogger. Can anyone help identify what this trojan does? or what data it might transmit over the network? I'm wondering if I should change my passwords?
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