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  1. Blocked website

    O Of course your right. They should be blacklisted for allowing infected files to be uploaded.
  2. Blocked website

    Why is it I can upload an image to imgbb and post it, then scan the image with virus total, it comes up clean. Is ibb.co being blocked because of 1 bad file.. arrival.jpg
  3. Blocked website

    I can find no reference to ibb.co being blacklisted. Can someone please verify this is valid?
  4. Blocked website

    Can you provide any other info on the blocking of this domain. I can't seem to find anything on it. Is it just Malwarebytes blocking it?
  5. Blocked website

    Can't read your link because it gets blocked. So I guess any Boards using it needs to change the image uploader?
  6. Blocked website

    It is not blocked if I upload a picture to it. It displays fine. If someone else uploads, its blocked. Weird.
  7. Blocked website

    Getting blocked website: postimage.org hxxp://ibb.co