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  1. Thanks guys, All's good after following "Step 1"
  2. Hi Exile, Didn't get very far with this I'm afraid. When clicking on the "this topic" as mentioned above, I landed on a page saying "We could not locate the item you are trying to find - Error code 2F173/0. Broken link ?
  3. Hi there, I keep getting a list of PUPS appear after running a scan and to be frank, I have no idea what to do about them. I remove them each time after the scan and then open a program before scanning again to see whether that's what's causing them. The attached file shows what has appeared after opening no more than my Chrome browser............. Can anybody advise on what action I should take? Many thanks. PUPS after opening Chrome - 23.04.20.txt
  4. Oh. That's nice. Don't trouble yourself by advising us on what to do while you sort out your mess though, will you. ;(
  5. Well it's not even lunch time here. I'd like to think somebody monitors what's going on 24/7. So PLEASE admin. Prompt response required.
  6. Have just experienced the same problem. Looking forward to the response.
  7. This little beauty popped up this morning, so I'm currently unprotected. Any suggestions guys ?
  8. Opened the tools tab for the first time today and came across this. What exactly is it? Should I run it?
  9. Hi, I'm pretty sure the following is a false positive as it's a set up program for a poker client. Sorry. No log file as I can't get "developer mode" to run. _SetupPoker_4035a5.zip
  10. Thanks sUBs. File attached. PKR.zip
  11. Hi guys, Bear with me. I'm not very tech savvy and this is my first foray on such a site. Short story. PKR is a poker site. I was playing at the weekend and encountered some abuse from an opponent who amongst other things threatened to make my life a ******* nightmare. Shortly after this occured my game froze and I was unable to get the site functioning properly. As a last resort I uninstalled the software, downloaded it again and installed it from scratch. On attempting to open the client I received a "malicious process" threat and duly quarantined a file with the path C:\Program Files\PKR\PKR.exe. I understand you need a copy of the file for investigation, but it no longer resides (presumably because I quarantined it) in the original folder. So how do I obtain a copy? Do I have to remove it from quarantine and restore to it's original location in order to do this? Sorry. As I said. Total noob.
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