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  1. Thanx for your patience. We had a move in March - still settling in, besides deal with the pandemic! By now, there was sabotage on the car engine of one vehicle, and the other was stolen, and totaled. Message to those that did it: Poor sadistic sociopaths - aren't you frustrated? 😧
  2. Yes, I have enjoyed some of your past posts, researching mwbsys, and just read that very paragraph where you comment on data harvesting! You said: That's pretty funny! Set aside the youtube images which started this thread. It isn't up for debate to me it is absolute communication by the mafia insiders within Google cust svc / tech support / sales centers to harass or apply psychological pressure. And let me take a moment to thank you and the helpers you named for contributing to a great product! I am not talking about the past, as far as concern over the switch to Invision and the GTM code. I am not talking about the past. This is right now, and I actually follow through, and document stuff, send concerns to government agencies via snailmail, and am not ruling out writing to the owner, Marcin Kleczynski . . . As was suggested on the first page of this topic to send to local law enforcement, I copied the pictures, spent near $100.00 on copies and mailings, probably over by now, to snail mail my local police department and the US Attorney General. Also, I respect you and Advanced, and the helpers you mentioned, and I think I have exposure and pockets of knowledge and an interest in keeping tabs on the Big Picture to realize that Malwarebytes is primed to take a big reputation hit via the Google Tag Manager. Why give the keys to Malwarebytes reputation to another entity? Finally, I am concerned that when this topic gets closed, which is fine - I said what I want to say! - that my ability to edit disappears, and the posts on this thread remain on record. Of course, the Google Tags Manager, by enabling someone else to substitute a page, has the ability to SANDBOX the thread for specific viewers, as it does on Social Media. The same people behind Google are the same for Facebook and Twitter, and wield unbelievable power. They SANDBOX social media posts - that is, make them visible to the poster, and maybe the followers, and unsearchable to the public, just as news articles which implicate and can affect the markets of Google, Facebook, and Twitter are SANDBOXED, appear lower in the feed, or late in the news cycle, so they appear more as a footnote, and press releases further push news down the feed, which is objectional to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This country is in trouble. OK, I didn't mean to go off on a rant! Google Tag Manager may allow SANDBOXING that I have observed elsewhere . . . For sure, the READ and UNREAD threads and posts are not appearing correctly right now to even you and the moderators.
  3. Thank you for your explanation. That means something, because the interface of the forum was clean to me before and after the switch to IPS. Yet - who knows? - lots of SPAM might be an indication of a healthy system . . . There is less SPAM, but what is the trade-off? Whoever controls that Tag Manager has an upper hand on what is served to the users, since it can copy and make changes to the page, fooling users and staff alike.
  4. The forum is too glitchy - even outside the "moved" threads, many of the Read threads and sub categories being labeled, Unread, are making the forum almost unusable to tech aids, such as yourself! - to be considered, "expected behavior." It may be a question for the Forum Webmaster, but I feel the keys were handed to IPS Community Suite, or Invision . . . The changes you experienced might be because a change in the ID script allows a bad actor to create the changes you are experiencing. As you said, the 2016 update in forum software is supposed to make the forum work more efficiently, not the reverse! Why does this forum, or part of the Malwarebytes website, have to offer the easy access to insert javascript or make javascript changes to its pages? The changes and anomalies you observed are indicative of compromises taking place on the website, the ones the Webmaster should be looking out for! You said: "There is no reason for an area to show as containing unread content when I have viewed every single topic in that area, including any 'moved' threads that are still linked there. It is bad UX and doesn't make sense, period." Period.
  5. No, exile360, I absolutely intended this for you! You are helping the users - I thought you are one of the Malwarebytes forum-recommended trouble shooters for the issues people have. That is what you are. I have been helped by volunteers through the years, who I believe are NOT moderators, but they are vetted to be allowed to assist the users who have issues. Please address the observations in the above. Sincerely, Louise.
  6. Finally, I would like to pose Google Tag Manager on this forum is NOT Malwarebytes. Does Malwarebytes have a Google Tag Manager account? Maybe it belongs to Invision Community, and that is how they access the forum software and cause havoc and trouble for the moderators [and users]. Maybe Google Tag Manager comes preloaded in this Invision packet, and the Google Tag Manager account doesn't belong to Malwarebytes, but to the software suppliers, or IPS [Community Suite] I guess Advanced has referred them as, the suppliers of the software. May I get an answer, why there has to be Google Tag Manager on this forum, and why there has to be Double Click trying to access the user's IP address? What need is there for those tags on working Forum software?
  7. You didn't know it before, but we established Google Tag Manager exists in this BB software, and the article, Malicious Activities with Google Tag Manager, demonstrates the tag manager can be injected with a redirect to make the viewer go to a different webpage created to look like the one shown in the url bar, by using the code: window.location.href = “http://www.yourdomain.com/somepage.html”; The article notes there has to be a compromise of your Google Tag Manager account for the "attacker to either replace the code or the ID called on the script for the script to be used for bad intentions." So. with this thread, I am saying the bad or "rogue" actors, as AdvancedSetup called them, exist within Google, just as the scary images were served to me based solely on IP address in real estate controlled by Google [youtube], the sidebar suggested videos, which in targeting me carried the tag, Recommended for You on nearly every scary image, implying human intervention! Similarly, the glitchy forum software used here is accessed by Google bad actors, or insiders, who wreck havoc and serve imitation pages, therefore the, "Unread" labels you have to drill through. exile360, can you say it is not a possibility? Based on the article, which you enjoyed, and your Malwarebytes Browser Guard which discerned 93 attempts to access your IP address by Google Tag Manager, out of 100, so it is the most, and the insufferable changes to the forum [for moderators and other visitors, alike] can you say injected code from the Tag Manager is not causing havoc to your ability to access critical content, which is questions and postings from users?
  8. Okay, I downloaded the file, and will create a new topic. In the meantime, let's keep this thread open to discuss Google Tags and the issues outlined on this thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/231043-forum-shows-as-containing-unread-topic-after-topic-has-been-moved/ Also, may I ask you to please try this desktop video capture: https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/download-now.html to make it easy to document anomalies of being forum moderator? To share with your fellow moderators, not me or the public.
  9. exile360, help me remove unnecessary programs. I do not have malware.
  10. exile360, Would you help me clean up my PC, after I finish saving what I want? Thanx.
  11. Okay - I will post the two messages you didn't respond to, here, as screen grabs:
  12. Dear AdvancedSetup, That's fine, but may I ask, you saw the last two messages I sent you, in view of the forum glitches you and exile360 discuss in another thread? Thank you.
  13. Thank you, exile360. Would you help me clean up my PC, before I add another software? I'd like to clean it up and run a Defraggler. I guess I have to back up my files first. I'll get to work on that.
  14. Advanced, did you receive my message? Would you kindly respond to it in the Message folder?
  15. Thanx. UBlock is better than what I use, DisconnectMe, but I was lazy to replace it. Appreciate that UBlock stuff! 🙂
  16. Hi Exile360, Thanx for liking the article! 🙂 Why do you say "this forum doesn't use Google Tag Manage?" Just View Page Source of the code, and Go to Edit / Find, and type, Google Tag. This is what appears as to my code: <!-- Google Tag Manager --> <noscript> <iframe src="//www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-MKSKW3" height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe> </noscript> <script>(function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'?'&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= '//www.googletagmanager.com/gtm.js?id='+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f); })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-MKSKW3');</script> <!-- End Google Tag Manager --> Nasty! and, by the way, My Disconnect on Firefox has blocked 12 Google Requests, 17 in all. This cloud template, Invision Community, is problematic. How about the, Edit, question? If I ask Ron to close this topic, will I lose the Edit link?
  17. Hi exile360, Do you know about Google Tag Manager? Adsense has been abused from malvertising campaigns, and attackers injected malware to generate revenue for the attackers. Considered worse than either of these is Google Tag Manager, which this forum employs. Google said about Tag Manager: . Malicious JavaScript can pose some serious risks directly to your visitors, such as unknowingly mining cryptocurrencies directly on the visitor’s browser. See the article, Malicious Activities with Google Tag Manager - https://blog.sucuri.net/2018/04/malicious-activities-google-tag-manager.html So, what the problem is, is Insiders can access the Google Tag Manager, and insert any code it wants, and apparently you are dealing with the glitches caused by this issue, and it doesn't surprise me. Investors of the Google insiders resent Malwarebytes from keeping phones and laptops safe from their malvertising, and promote their phony security solutions which they have money in. Perhaps the page you have read the replies on is not the one you think. Instead, it is a separate page called by the url you go to, which keeps refreshing because of new javascripts inserted via Tag Manager. That is why the topic always says, Unread. On a separate note, it used to be after - I don't know - a brief time after posting a comment, I was not able to Edit it. On this thread, the Edit link appears for all the comments. Has the Edit capacity been extended, time-wise? Will it only end when the thread is closed?
  18. Google is clowning with you! The code in this software allows Google insider access, via the cloud. I studied the code. It is full of problematic tags. May I suggest, NCH Software Debut Video Capture Software? You may demo it free, for a few captures. Turn on the Entire Virtual Desktop.Then it is $40.00. Google in other ways is trying to discredit Malwarebytes.
  19. Okay, I shot video of this discussion for the record. That is how I caught Advanced deleted the exposed IP address screen shot. If anyone of the insiders at Google think of removing this discussion, AdvancedSetUp will know. Additional comments end of day 01-12-2020 You love me, right? You really love me . . . You might get me in the end. But, you are not stronger than God. You got something to fear, and it isn't me.
  20. Almost every of the presented creepy image side reel videos are labeled, Recommended for you even though I am not signed in. Recommended for you that accompanies every single one of those creepy image videos implies human intervention.
  21. Google collects IP addresses via Adsense and / or Analytics. You don't have to be signed in. It tracks you via IP address. Or, if mobile is your main access to online, it tracks via IMEI number. It combines the dossier of all your online activity with your personally identifiable info from Gmail, YouTube and other Google / Alphabet accounts and apps. And it is allowed to. You allowed it to, when you use anything Google, signed in or not. That is why my IP address appeared on search. - https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites Why do you not believe Google would use IP address and IMEI number to track individuals? First Google's privacy policy allows it. - https://policies.google.com/privacy As an aside, Prior to 2016, Google said, “we will not combine DoubleClick cookie information with personally identifiable information unless we have your opt-in consent.” In 2016, Google users’ personally identifiable information from Gmail, YouTube and other accounts has been merged with their browsing records from across the web. See: - https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/archive/20160325-20160628/ Google collects IP address via Adsense and Analytics. That would be most web pages on the internet, right? Billions. You don't have to be signed in. Being signed out offers a false sense of not being tracked. Advanced, you are smarter than I am. I am not very tech savvy. Yet, I have a computer systems degree from long ago, am detail-minded, and have observed the infiltration of the US Mafia into the internet. They know and I know, and that is why they send me those creepy ads. They like me, even if they have determined to execute me, because I am smart and not a chump, right guys?
  22. Do you mean proof that Google et al track via IP address [desktop] and IMEI Number [mobile]? Please do not ask it and leave. Give me a day.
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