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  1. Hi. We have three computers at home, all running Malwarebytes v3.2.2 and Windows 10 Pro. Two of them are running Zone Alarm Firewall and Virus Protection, the other has Norton Internet Security. Suddenly a couple of days ago, all three simultaneously started constantly blocking incoming signals from, which is our router's IPv4 address. Default Gateway is I have added the IPv4 address to Exclusions, which fixes the constant blocking messages, but is this an appropriate solution? Dave
  2. 1. Brief description: Firefox crashing on activation due to MB Exploit Protection 2. No screenshots 3. N/A 4. Tried to activate Firefox - can be replicated without fail by switching on MB Exploit Protection; can be eliminated by switching off MBEP 5. Yes 6/7/8 Files attached Addition.txt FRST.txt MBAMlogs.zip mb-cleanresult.txt
  3. Thanks, Porthos, but I just tried all that and Firefox still crashes with Exploit Protection switched on. Dave
  4. Hi. I'm running Windows 7 and MB Premium 3.0.6. I think there was an update recently after which Firefox has been crashing at start up. Firefox tell me that it's MB Exploit Protection (or a conflict between it and Norton Internet Security) that's causing the crash. From info on another thread, I've tried adding various mb*.exe and mb drivers to Norton's ignore list but the only thing that stops Firefox crashing is switching off MB Exploit Protection. Any ideas? TIA Dave
  5. Hi Have posted on the beta thread but thought I would post here too for those still following this thread: Running Windows XP SP3 with Zone Alarm Extreme Security v10.0.246.000 Had problem with mbam v1.60.0.1800 - PC hung on installation. Ran mbam-clean.exe and installed beta v1.60.1.1000. Problem solved. Regards Dave
  6. A fix! A fix! My kingdom for a fix! (Is everyone doing the same as me - i.e. waiting for others to try it out first and report back? )
  7. Have been following this forum expecting a result by now. But after LDTate's post #363, I have to say that I am running XP SP3 and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security v10.0.246 and I have the same problem, so it ain't just a problem with the free version of ZA. I've tried the suggested "fixes" and they don't work. My wife is running the same on her laptop (except she has the Danish version of XP) and she has not had a problem. Dave
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