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  1. It helps when they use custom fonts, as IPB does.
  2. Brooke, if you like there is a PC Maintenance guide on my website (link is in my sig) and Anti-Malware Packages as well. They contain everything you'd need to clean your pc. There are also settings for many of the applications. I hope it will help you. Once done, you can post a HijackThis log here and I can analyze it for you.
  3. Be sure to get SpywareBlaster and put that on first, as it can stop a lot of spyware from functioning as the makers intended.
  4. Welcome to the forums Brooke. Have you tried scanning with Ad-Aware and Spybot yet?
  5. It may seem a bit too soon to tell, but I haven't seen any spam recently. Glad the tip helped.
  6. Nope, it's not. Setting this to Advanced (Requires GD library) will help stop the spambots. Enable Captcha? "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart": forces users to input a random code when registering and changing email address, etc to prevent bot's from spamming the forms. You can actually allow guests to post, simply have this enabled to Advanced: Guest Posting Bot Control Do you wish to require guests who post (where allowed) to input a code to confirm their post?
  7. Is CAPTCHA usage enabled for the forums? You can enable the CAPTCHA and set it to GD2 or GD1, also requiring the activation email to stop spam. Just offering some help to stop the spam.
  8. Yeah, it just broke one program that I noticed. So it's hard to tell what else may have lost functionality. Spamcop is great for reporting spam.
  9. Eusing's ISP is China? Uh, no. Click here to get info on www.eusing.com's IP. (Location: United States [City: Hopkinsville, Kentucky])
  10. I've tested Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, though it did a good job; I'm afraid it did a bit too good of a job cleaning. It has caused some software I had installed to lose functionality. One such software is IZArc, it broke the right click context menu. When I'd try to extract anything with it it would do nothing at all.
  11. Tarun


    What kind of security issues? Also, any information on signatures?
  12. Tarun


    Just joined and am interested in beta testing RogueRemover. I have my own website, http://lunarsoft.net. I was unable to set any avatar, it just refused to display; yet it was 125x125 (Also have a 100x100 version), both as *.png format. Are there any signature limits or rules? I checked but did not see any.
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