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  1. Never mind, this is redundant: I do a lot of remote support for my clients! Why this is so hard to find I don't know.
  2. After an other success install of the latest MalwareBytes 3.x on Mac OS High Sierra (latest updates, 10.13), I am instructed to click "Allow" in Settings -> Privacy & Security -> General tab. On that screen it says (roughly) "Malwarebytes System Extension has been blocked. Click Allow" and I do, but that does absolutely nothing. I checked the underlying kernel extension database and indeed the com.malwarebytes.rtprotection kernel extension remains blocked sqlite3 /private/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy '.dump kext_policy' CREATE TABLE kext_policy ( team_i
  3. Hello all, first post. I just installed Malwarebytes, latest, paid version, fully updated with definitions, all options were left to default values, on a client's computer. I cannot run a scan and get the debug log because this was detected during real-time protection and I am unable to use this client's computer as a "laboratory" in any case. The error is straightforward such that I think this is enough. An internal Dell A940 printer executable is misidentified. I had to click 'Ignore' twice. 22:04:15 Nancy MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully 22:08:10 Nancy DETECTION
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