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  1. Hi everyone, I have a LEAGOO phone, which is almost 11 months old. After 9-10 months of operation I noticed a malware on my Android phone. An application DA Brower as well as Android.innovation get installed automatically. Malware picks them both, I uninstall them but shortly thereafter they get reinstalled themselves. I set the phone to factory settings but still the same issue. The last 3-4 days DA Brower doesn't appear any more though. What can I do? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks. P.S. I rarely surf the internet on my phone, haven't visited dodgy sites, maybe just check my ma
  2. Many thanks, Elise. Just to understand, if I download the Java link you sent me, do I have to delete old JAVA folders but that do not contain JRE or J2SE? Regarding the Windows activation, I was confused cause before I installed the combofix I had not been asked to activate Windows, but now I am. Just to make it clear, I have not tried to activate the system coz I thought I'd better enquire first. But when I am asked to activate it, there is a sign at the bottom of the screen that says it may be not a genuine Windows. You still think I'd better contact Microsoft?
  3. Hi, Originally I had Windows XP Vista capable but recently I decided to reinstall the operating system and I was sent by the PC manufacturer a CD with Windows Vista. As I wrote in my previous message, that was never an issue. It started to appear once I installed ForoSpyware. I installed all latest updates including Service Pack 2 for Vista but still I get the message "Activate now or later" and there is a sign that Windows used is not genuine. Another question re JAVA: I installed the version that you suggested - Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 7, however, now when I start the PC, I g
  4. Hi Elise, Many thanks again for a speedy response. Couple of comments/questions: 1) I rarely use P2P and I haven't used those for a long time. 2) After I installed ForoSpyware, once I log in the PC, I am asked to activate Windows or do so later. There is also a message that this is not the genuine Windows. Why is it so? 3) I deleted JRE and J2SE but I still have old JAVA folders but that do not contain JRE or J2SE. Is it recommended to delete these as well? 4) I scanned the PC, here are the results. It was cleaned. C:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\RUSTY\My Documents\LONELY PLANET\Baja_Lo
  5. C:\Combofix.txt Hi Elise, Please find enclosed the log report. Many thanks again.Log.zip
  6. Hi, please find attached the files. Attach.zip DDS.zip
  7. I have a AVG for virus protection, Malwarebyte Antimalware for malware protection and SuperAntiSpyware against spywares. Neither the AVG nor the Malwarebyte has detected any problem with the system or my files. But the SuperAntiSpyware detected adware in my PC and every time I select to delete them, the system does so and asks to reboot the PC to get rid of them completely. Afterwards I run the program again and it turns out that the adware is still there. I updated both the SuperAntiwareSpyware and Malwarebyte. Here is the snapshot of the results by Malwarebyte: The scan completed successfull
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