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  1. Thanks, but it just stopped, at least on my WIN 7 machine, as suddenly as it started! Will get in touch if it returns... Lida ?
  2. Please let me know if it's necessary for me to download the "support tool" for this query, or if anyone in this forum knows the fix off the top of their head... Lida ?
  3. Malwarebytes 3.5.1 "Premium Trial" version's Program Files window keeps opening in Windows Explorer when I boot up the computer (PC). I'm running WIN 7 PRO, SP 1, and wondering why this is occuring. It's also occurring on my WIN XP PRO laptop, exactly in the same way, only I'm running the free version on my laptop! Is anyone having the same problem and is there a fix for it??? Also, I have Malwarebytes set NOT to start with Windows on both my laptop and my PC! ? Thanx, Lida
  4. Forgot tell you, I'm using WIN 7, SP 1, fwiw...and the free version of MBAE! Lida
  5. All of a sudden I've received the following error message in the MBAE log: "The VB scripting engine has been blocked from loading in the browser." It's there twice, once on December 24, 2017 and once on March 9, 2018! Does anyone know what this signifies, and if the program's still operating??? Thanx, Lida
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