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  1. keval

    Hi geeks!

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. And thanks for the link GT500 ..will look into it deeply later...
  2. keval

    Hi geeks!

    Hi guys and girls(do we have any?) ! I am Keval, from India. I would introduce myself in short.. I am studying Computer Science and i am very much interested in computer securities, though i am a noob without any tool/google I'd like to be a security expert, so can anyone guide me and provide me a good source of knowledge? My hobbies are troubleshooting PC(Windows)...i enjoy doing that! ...again i am noob at this if i face the problem for the 1st time/ no help source is provided. I also play racing games...as of now i play only NFS World(MMO). Keeping it short, i end it and again HI to all Thanks Keval
  3. To be honest i visited the forums to post about this issue and i found this one on top! I had noticed this problem long time back when i had capped downloads(high speed). Now i have un-capped downloads(low speed ). So either way, it matters me.
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