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  1. Well I never did get it resolved, I ended up doing a system recovery on my computer. I asked for help in the HJT forums, but no one replied. What ever the virus was it totally disabled everything on my comp, somehow a friend of mine got the system recovery to work. Heck I couldn't even post anything in here! The virus was stopping my means of communication, I had to use my daughters computer in the other room to send messages and such!
  2. I posted in another forum the issues I was having, Malwarebytes wont open, web pages not opening and my AVG (it runs believe it or not) says everything is fine, which it's not. I went to some malicious website and my comp has been whacked ever since. I managed to get on HJT and downloaded it, got the log, but NOW I can't post anything here in the forums, it just keeps "loading" and refuses to go through. I'm on my daughters computer, I even tried to e mail the log file to her so I could copy it and post it in here, but I can't send e mails either! I'm stumped on what to do and I'm wondering wh
  3. Sorry if this is a repost or if someone else has already posted a topic on this issue, if so, just point me in the direction I need to go to solve this matter. Last night I must have went to a malicious website, I clicked on a link and instantly my comp began to make all kinds of crazy "crackling" noises and then the screen went white. I tried to exit out and nothing happened, soon after a message popped up saying "This program is not responding, do you wish to end now?"...I exited and straight to my Malwarebytes to do a complete scan, but it wouldn't open. The only thing that opens is avg and
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