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  1. That's what you all said back in January. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/195091-how-about-a-ver-3x-without-the-bloatware/?tab=comments#comment-1100640 You all promised it and yet it's now December and being able to select what modules we can turn on or off is still not available.
  2. Really?Then how do you explain 4,300 items showing up in the Quarantine tab and the "Restore All" button doesn't work? Do you really think somebody is going to sit there for hours and be able to untick each one of those 4,300 items?
  3. I don't see that there. That must be for the paid version, yes? No? Again, in light of the severity of what happened, you might want to consider that option for free users as well. It's only fair considering I lost a lot of data the other day because of this.
  4. I second that! Let us review what was spotted by Malwarebytes and then let us decide if it should go into quarantine or not. I'm afraid you'll have to do something like that if you want me to use this program again. That's not hate. That's just pointing out an obvious flaw in the process.
  5. Yeah, I already filled out that form on your other page.I walked away while it was happening and it was around 4,995 items in quarantine by the time I got back. I didn't shut the system off. Not yet. It's still trying to return those items that are in there. Btw, what's safe mode? F8?
  6. I did. My restore point are gone.And if you've verified they back, then does you system work again? I would have to reboot in order to run sfc /scannow and I'm afraid I won't be able to do this if I do. Will running a reapir in safe mode work?
  7. My system restore points were erased during this clusterf*#k. Won't do any good.
  8. Wow, EPIC HOSE! Anyway, I opened the quarentine tab and clicked on the "Restore All" button down on the bottom. Now I'm gonna sit back and wait awhile and hope all those files get returned to their proper spot. We shall see.
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