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  1. Too bad you can't edit your posts on this board, or this would make more sense. I didn't understand what you were asking before. Yes, the paid version offers a context menu to scan the file, but since a full drive scan doesn't flag that file as dirty, the context menu scanning doesn't get you anywhere.
  2. How does that address the issue of not being able to scan the file beforehand? Again it's trying to catch the horse after it's already out the barn door. (It's smarter not to get mugged than to try and catch the thief afterwards!) But anti-virus programs don't really do malware properly or completely. Example is ClamAV -- it looks for conventional viruses, and catches some malware, but nowhere near the amount that MAB does.
  3. I've always believed in the idea that an ounce of prevention (not getting malware in the first place) is worth a pound of cure (cleaning off malware later). With that in mind, why isn't there an option in Malware Bytes to simply quickscan a folder for a malware installer? For example, let's say your buddy says "hey I found this great new application blah blah". So you crank in blah blah into google, and find what looks like a legitimate site. But how can you be sure? You download the installer, and save it. It'd be nice if I could say, "hey malware bytes, I'm not sure of this. Please scan it and see if it's junk." Unfortunately as it is, the only way to deal with this situation is to take the installer, throw it into a virtual machine, and have the installer infect THAT. Then Malware Bytes can scan and clean the infection, but it seems like trying to close the barn door after the horse has already bolted. (Not to mention it gets old restoring virtual machine states!) In case it's not clear, this is a real incident, not hypothetical! I still have the infected installer sitting on my hard drive that installs malware that MWB can detect after it's installed but not before. If I do a full drive scan with MWB, that installer file passes with flying colors.
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