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  1. On 7/4/2020 at 4:22 AM, Gt-truth said:

    hello @gatortail

    has this been really fixed yet ? the problem still hasn’t really fixed even with more most recent version of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard .

    I wouldn't say so, even now with version 2.2.9.

    @gonzo, et al, Could we please have www.polydesmida.info whitelisted as well?

    Nothing I do with Browser Guard seems to help - even having it disabled, for some time I discover!

  2. Thank you.


    On 11/3/2019 at 10:30 AM, CCV said:

    The Customer Login (Coming Soon?) setup available for Support via the MBG app (Chrome extension, in my case) isn't working. It doesn't accept the credentials which work perfectly well when used from an email link - i.e., to this topic.

    Well.. That's the login options immediately presented. If I first select Browser Guard forum, then login is no problem.

  3. https://www.ellura.info/ is another one might be worth adding to the whitelist. Still can't get the "Do not block this site again for scam" check-box to work. :/

    On another topic tho:
    The Customer Login (Coming Soon?) setup available for Support via the MBG app (Chrome extension, in my case) isn't working. It doesn't accept the credentials which work perfectly well when used from an email link - i.e., to this topic.


  4. P.S.
    Can't see how to edit the above, but anyhow...
    Getting high by looking at some pictures of beer might save me some trouble, but that's another story too. I'm reminded now there is something (falsely) identifies phishing on one of my oft visited sites as well. Can't remember which site or program now, but your observation might give me a clue why. 👍🍺

  5. I can get to both sites too. I'm having no problem with iNaturalist so far, even after removing it from Allowed list in Chrome and where it never was there in Firefox.
    However, MBG blocks http://www.tasmanianspiders.info in Chrome after the tab has been open but left idle for some time - which is according to my usual habit - and even tho the site is still on the Allowed list exactly as in previous screenshot.

    FYI also, please see attachment.


  6. Hi gonzo, thanks for the speedy response and the explanation. 
    I thought I read something about adding the site to 'exclusions' or some such. Turns out, it must've meant Browser Guard's own "Allow list".

    For the time being, there's still a problem when Duplicating tab or, what's more troublesome, linking to the site from an interest group with which I am involved. I'll let you know if that persists.

    Hmm.. I wonder how iNaturalist.org comes to be on that list as well.


  7. After some fiddling with it,  I find the main problem (in Chrome) is getting the option to not block this site again to stick. I keep clicking on it, but the check mark disappears as quickly as it appears. 😕 Oddly enough, on the page illustrated in attachment, I clicked the back button a few times and found the box actually checked. No idea how or why it was checked in that case, but after 'going to the site anyway' with it checked I've had no problem. Not yet, anyway.... 

    Tested it out on Firefox and found "Paste & Go" to the site worked ok, but Reloading the page triggered MBG to block it. There was something similar happening in Chrome, but the details escape me now. And again, it took a few tries to get the not block this site option to stay put. Better than Chrome, it would seem, in that respect.
    Whether the box was checked or not, 'go to site anyway' crashed Firefox!
    After a few episodes of that, UAC requires permission to run "Firefox Updater" or some such. Never seen that before, but it seems to have fixed the problem. Apart from a temporary regsvr32.exe - Application Error (0x000012d) apparently associated with the slide show on the home page, that is.

    I've had MBG for only a few days. So it's Version2.1.1, in case you might want to know. 👍


  8. On 8/24/2018 at 2:39 PM, dcollins said:

    What's happening is that the Kaspersky Rootkit scan is preventing our Web Protection driver from reloading after a database update. This is why the error only happens sometimes (you have to be running a rootkit scan, and a database update for Malwarebytes has to happen at the same time). Unfortunately the only current workaround is to disable the rootkit scanning in Kaspersky.

    Another workaround appears to be changing Malwarebytes update interval from every single hour, to every two or three hours.
    Every three hours is possibly not ideal for best protection,, but since setting automatic updates to that I haven't encountered a clash with Kaspersky's Rootkit scan.

    Two hours might work as well. My decision depended on what hour I think I'm most likely to start up on any day.

  9. Malwarebytes 3.5.1

    It recently came to my attention that Kaspersky performs a daily Rootkit scan. It is when that starts that the orange pop up appears, but it doesn't happen every day. Not sure how often except not very... Although, it did occur on two consecutive days not long ago. I don't know if there might be some pattern to it otherwise, but will keep an eye on it in the future.

    The orange pop up, btw, does disappear, as if the shield is re-enabled. It isn't though, and can't be turned on via Malwarebytes Dashboard. Once I saw it come on after Kaspersky scan was finished, but that doesn't seem to be usually the case. While Rootkit scan is running, Quit Malwarebytes and restart it produces the message


    Once the scan is finished, however, exit and restart Malwarebytes does work ok.

    At first I couldn't find any user control for the Rootkit scan. Guessing it is this setting, which I would prefer to keep on.


    There was one occasion as well when manually starting a Full System scan with Kaspersky had the same effect. I haven't noticed weekly scheduled full scans doing so, and they don't scan for rootkits as far as I can tell.

    Anyway, seeing it appears Malwarebytes has graduated into a full antivirus program since I first started using it, I probably don't need another antivirus program.
    Still, I've long been of the view that a multi-layered approach to malware is the best, and, for the most part, these two do play nice together. Even when both are scanning simultaneously, which situation I generally avoid, there is no appreciable deterioration of performance on this machine.


  10. Updates:

    The latest update to Malwarebytes did fix the problem in this case, for me anyway. Thanks to all. :)
    Web protection has turned off twice since then, but easily enough restarted by clicking Turn On on the pop up warning. Took three tries the second time, but it did work.

    However, now, after a major update to Win 10 (what they call a "features" update), it's not working again. :blink: 
    Oh, wait.. I did get Web protection to turn on again via the main interface, on the third attempt, so didn't need to go so far as Quit MB etc..

    A fresh set of logs in order?

  11. @nikhils, thanks for the detailed instructions.

    I usually take the Quit Malwarebytes route first, but, today, encountered an error upon attempting to relaunch it. I do have the Scan for Rootkits option switched on, so I'd guess "rootkit activity" unlikely. Not sure if the error, as identified, should affect Protections, but it did - as illustrated in attachments.

    Anyway, System Reboot did appear to fix the problem. 

    MB AR DDAD.jpg

    MB Protections.jpg

  12. 10 hours ago, dcollins said:

    As of now, the best workaround is to entirely restart Malwarebytes or restart the computer

    Thanks, dcollins. I thought I remembered there was a recommended workaround, just not exactly what it was. Not sure why I think to go into Services either... 

    In any case, since the posting of the report, the problem hasn't recurred. So, for the time being at least, it seems to be neither as persistent nor as pervasive as the previous issue with protection modules turning off and refusing to be restarted.


  13. First sometime yesterday, and again at boot up this morning, I find Web Protection is turned off.
    This doesn't exactly coincide with the latest Component package update, since that was at least 4 days ago as far as I can tell from scan reports.

    Tbh, I didn't try turning it on except via the systray menu and seeing that didn't work then Restarted Malwarebytes Service to fix it.

    Version Information: Malwarebytes, Component package 1.0.212, Update package 1.0.3002.

    Please see attachments for further information, thank you.





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