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  1. Hi, I can have bitdefender pro for free, should I take it or continue using mse? In av comparatives tests bit defender is among the best av. MSE isn't that great on those tests. Are they reliable?
  2. Ok ty jackivity, I think that, first I'll combine mbam pro with mse, and later maybe purchase eset. As far as he other software concerns, I think I'll have SAS and spybot just for on demand scans, because what AV and mbam can't get, the other antispyware may detect.. And for what I've heard/read these two, along with mbam, are the best anti spyware programs.
  3. Hum ok, I though that the system restore was good for that kind of stuff, that it would clean everything if we restored to the last image of the system. Sometimes I even use system restore to eliminate viruses. Is this wrong?
  4. Ok, I think I'll try both then, to uninstall each one of them later, is it better through restore system or downloading the anti virus removal for each one of them?
  5. Ok, but between Kaspersky internet security and nod32 there's no difference right? For now i'll uswe mse with mbam, later i'll buy eset and mbam pro. I though that SAS and spybot were must-have. There's no need in using spyware blaster right?
  6. What security software should I use? Im using MSE, would Eset nod32 or kaspersky internet security be better? Anti-Spyware: I'm using MBAM, can I use MBAM pro, along with spybot and superantispyware? What about the firewall? I's windows 7 firewall good? Or should I use the eset smart security firewall, or the one along with kaspersky? Can we have simultaneously up to three antispyware software like the three I've mentioned? Thanks in advance
  7. And how do you do that?
  8. But I mean, it must exist a permanent solution for that problem...
  9. Yes, I understand, but I could get the phenom 33% cheaper, so I bought that instead. What do you mean by the underpowered memory controller?, I'll be using it with a mb asrock 880g pro3, and corsair pc-12800 1600Mhz 8Gb CL9 DDR3 ram. Can I have the same BSOD problems you have?
  10. Ok, I've done all you've said, and until now, it all seems ok. Thank you FPC!
  11. It was all good, no causes for concern then.
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