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  1. While it is unfortunate that I'm on a host with "bad neighbors", I did reserve a dedicated IP address for this site. Therefore there is no reasoning for the continued blacklisting of that particular site or the IP. You can verify for yourself that there is nothing malicious going on with the site.
  2. You are correct, they have been known to be havens for blackhat/illegal type sites. However, there is absolutely nothing illegal taking place on WLShoes.com or any other website I own for that matter. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, I cannot discuss it on an open forum but I will shoot you a PM detailing the reasons. Thank you for looking at this matter.
  3. As the topic name implies, I am receiving an IP Blocked message as soon as I browse to WLSHOES.COM located at I own this website but the IP is new, so it is possible that there was something else hosted there that caused the IP to be placed on a blacklist. Please scan the site and remove it and the IP from this list so that none of out visitors are affected.
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