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  1. There are probably millions of users today who have no idea what a floppy is.
  2. Wouldn't you know Java 6 19 would come out right as I was doing the last request. It requested the update and I applied it so that was taken care of. Removed the others per your request. Everything seems to be working fine now.
  3. Again my apologies for being so slow in responding. Here are the results you asked for with the exception of the F-Secure scan which only found some tracking cookies. I believe the PC is now clean. SystemLook v1.0 by jpshortstuff (11.01.10) Log created at 14:09 on 06/04/2010 by Owner (Administrator - Elevation successful) ========== filefind ========== Searching for "conime.exe" C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\conime.exe -----c 27648 bytes [02:34 18/03/2010] [12:00 04/08/2004] 054DF8F752497C6B74DD7B65CCA61132 C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\conime.exe ------ 27648 bytes [22:01 26/08/2008]
  4. Sorry for the delay but here are the scan results you requested. Unknown entry in Winsock found in HijackThis log, MBAM scan was clean. allscansresult.zip
  5. I was just wondering what the following was: "5779:TCP"= 5779:TCP:rruydmo I have not run across this before and haven't been able to find any info on it. It's in the [HKLM\~\services\sharedaccess\parameters\firewallpolicy\standardprofile\GloballyOpenPorts\List] section of the log file. Thanks.
  6. Had a PC that was infected with both trojans and viruses. Used Mbam to clean and it seemed successful and viruses were removed with AV software. Still a couple of days later the network quit. Ran Mbam and AV again but nothing was found. HijackThis scan also found nothing. Downloaded ComboFix and it found several items some which were cleaned but there are entries in the log file I'm not sure of what they mean as I have never seen these before. Could someone take a look at the ComboFix log and perhaps steer me in the right direction? Thanks. attach.zip
  7. I was reading on PC World about this app that blocks flash sounds and they mentioned it could be flagged as malware but the author of the program said it is because the program uses the same techniques as some adware to work. Anyway I downloaded the setup program and scanned with MBAM and sure enough it was detected as an infected file (Adware.BetterInternet). Since flash ads are a nuisance it would be great to use this as PC World swears it is not dangerous. I could just add it to the ignore list if I choose to install it but was just wondering if anyone at Malwarebyte's has heard of this app
  8. That would get you banned so quick on the Ubuntu forum. On a side note when Mbam can't quite remove files I can use the Ubuntu Live CD-ROM to boot the PC and take an in-depth look at the system32 folder or where ever Mbam reports the file residing.
  9. Looks like a leftover from a '70s Southern Rock band.
  10. If you'd like something that approaches Photoshop but isn't quite as complicated as GIMP give Paint Shop Pro a test run. It was a really good alternative when it was owned by the founder JASC but Corel who bought them out lacks the support I was used to at JASC. It's still my favorite photo editing software and the only reason I still have Windows on one machine. The price is very reasonable.
  11. I just help a lady who got infected with Windows Enterprise Suite. When she called asking for help I asked her to describe what the laptop was doing and when she told me about the pop-ups and how the PC was really slow I told her it sounded like a trojan. She then told me she paid for the program that came up telling her the laptop was infected. Wow, they raised the ante from $40 to $70+. To make a long story short I had her come by and I installed MBAM on her laptop and removed the nasties. I suggested she contact her credit card company and cancel that charge and card completely. Hopefully s
  12. Having read the thread on IObits and postings elsewhere concerning the theft of Malwarebyte's database I was reminded of something that happened in the 1980's. DEC VAXes were being stolen and rerouted to the Soviet Union because it was illegal to sell them to the Communist bloc nations. When DEC got wind of this they started putting metal plates on VAXes with the words "When you care enough to steal the best" in Russian stamped into the metal plates. So, this thought came to me, why not have those same words in Chinese appear in both the database on the main screen of the program, too. Granted
  13. I had been using HijackThis, ComboFix, Ad-Aware and a number of other tools to remove the coolwebsearch infections for some time when I encountered an infection I hadn't seen before. Taking what info I could glean from from HijackThis, as nothing seemed to remove the infection, I did a web search which pointed me to website that not only recommended Malwarebyte's but actually insisted it worked. I was skeptical because all the tools I had ever used, though they worked, didn't work to my satisfaction sometimes. I always ended up doing a manual scan through the registry and the Windows file syst
  14. The last Ubuntu Linux update (9.04) overload their system, I can just imagine what Win 7 will be like. Hopefully, with Bill Gates' money Microsoft has a lot more servers than the Open Software foundation.
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