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  1. Phil - Thanks so much for your quick reply. Very helpful. Do you know if this procedure of updating to the latest version has been effective in resolving the issue with real-time web protection disabling? Thanks again.
  2. I originally purchased Malwarebytes Premium in 2011 under a lifetime license. It seems MB Prem is now billed annually. Will updating to v 3.x cause me to lose that lifetime license and I'll have to start paying an annual fee? I'm having the same issue as many others regarding real-time web protection shutting down. Support had me run through several tests, and is now suggesting I do a clean install of the latest version, using the MB clean tool. Just wondering if doing so is going to force me into an annual license? TIA
  3. Well, I got the application uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to be working fine. Trying to add the MSE Exceptions and the problem is that MB is showing as the active Virus app. MSE is listed under it but is not clickable to get into it. Seems as If I have to first deactivate MB to do that. I don't remember MB as being listed as a virus app but rather a malware app, able to run along with MSE without conflict. Is that something new with 3.x? To top things off I'm having multiple other system issues, with the system running slow and can't even get my image editing app up to do a screensh
  4. Porthos - Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I can go ahead and try to reinstall. Do I need to uninstall first (through Windows)? Were the log files I uploaded of any help? Thanks
  5. Producer - Wish I'd tried that first but, in my case, I didn't uninstall my old v2 first, which may have resulted in the blue screen and the issues I'm having now. Porthos is saying that it's necessary to deactivate your license first. Trying to find out how/why to do that since I can't open MBAM now.
  6. Files attached. Hope I did this right. Thank you. MBAM LOGS.rar FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Thank you for your replies. Porthos - I'm afraid I don't know how to deactivate my license, so I'll have to ask. Will I have any issues entering my older license in to the newer 3.x version? Thanks. Maurice - 1. Yes, You are correct: my pc had had version 2 before & I accepted the upgrade to version 3 2 days ago. 2. Yes, a restart was done immediately. The BSOD left no option and No, the "Unable to connect to the server" error did not occur immediately. The first thing that happened when I executed the MB install was that I got the BSOD before it could complet
  8. I've been a Premium member for many years. A few days ago I updated to v3.x via the link in the MB application. There was a glitch of some sort causing me to get the the blue screen (Windows 7). After rebooting, MB ran fine for about a day. All of a sudden I can't get it to open. I'm getting the error "Unable to connect to the server". Should I uninstall MB and reinstall my older version and start over again with the update? I'm assuming the update is free for Premium members (lifetime license). Otherwise it would have asked for a payment. Is that correct? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Please bear with me, I'm a little technically challenged here. I've installed the free version of MB after getting bombed with redirects (GoogleAnalytics, Wordslife, YouTube, MEVIO.com, etc). It seems to install fine but when I try getting the updates I get the following error code: An error has occurred. Please report this error code to our support team. Program_Error_Updating (11001, 0, Host not found) No such host known. I can run a scan but the updates are not current. MB isn't finding any spyware/malware. I have not been able to resolve this issue regardless of how many times I uninstall/
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