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  1. SUGGESTION ... add a way to selectively restore files (not one at a time). Or being able to selectively DELETE FILES from the quarantine. I'm just glad my daughters computer wasn't effected or I'd never hear the end of it.
  2. NOTES FOR STUCK USERS.... I'm an IT tech and just fixed my first customer. I got 5 other calls while I was there. I was called to a tax lawyers office to fix their problem with Malwarebytes. It would not boot into safe mode (blue screen of death)... so here's what I did to get him back up and running so he could finish taxes by midnight. (and the old man nearly had a heart attack over this!) ---- This was on an XP machine... Boot and log into windows. At the blank screen, press CTRL ALT DEL to get task manager up. In Task Manager, go to file and browse to c:\documents and settings\all users\
  3. Same here ... I'm a reseller and I don't see the link for the Consumer licenses.
  4. I could not find a link anywhere on the order page (in the grey or white area) to change to home user rate. However, I did find a previous order listing. It looks like the price has gone up as well. My last order for twenty was $234. Now it's $375. That's a big increase for us resellers.
  5. Has their been a policy change for resellers? I too only see the 1 year corporate licenses when I try to purchase under my reseller account. I generally purchase 10 or 20 at a time for my home customers. It's the most recommended product I offer and install it on all computers I repair from Trojan issues.
  6. Okay. I've been able to create the scheduled tasks, however they won't run because the mbamservice is not installed. That does not get started automatically upon installation. After registering the software, the option is there to Start the Protection Module, but I can't get it to do it automatically via a script.
  7. AdvancedSetup: That's a good idea to to the push of the update, however the update file is only about 1.5 mb. Besides, about 40% of the users are on laptops and may not be in the office (or near the server) for a month at a time. So they will need to get updates on their own automatically. Another reason is the may be losing the use of the local server soon and going with a virtual server. Long story, but they want the protection that MalwareBytes offers, but can't afford to have updates pushed on a daily basis. GT500: It's the Protection Module that I want to get started automatically. The s
  8. I'm sure I can do the schedule portion with the script. It's the register as a service that needs to be addressed. It's been a long time since I've done that manually. I have a full registered version I purchased on my own PC. The registry shouldn't be a problem. I just can't recall how to get the MBAMservice and MBAMProtector to be placed as a service. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I just purchased 135 licenses for one of my companies. I have received information on how to do the silent installation and registration, however I need to go one step further. I want to be able to silently and automatically setup MBamService to be turned on and automatic scans/updates run at a set time for all users. I want to do this via a logon script, so the user doesn't have to do anything except clean up anything it finds after a scan. It will be a one shot deal during the installation process. Any suggestions?
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