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  1. thanks all i will stay clear of the beta stuff, have a great week.
  2. HI seen a way to update to Beta versions are they safe to use on my main Mac system?
  3. will it coexist with another antivirus program, the pro version of Malwarebytes ?
  4. Hi i have Malwarebytes pro on my iMac do i also need to get antivirus , as i see its limited as far as windows versions so not sure is it also an antivirus like windows version or straight up a malware remover and protector.
  5. hi there just need to now , how do i make sure that Malwarebytes has Full Disk Access permission ? thanks much and have a awesome day.
  6. hi there here is the log nothing found actually they were old but all good software one was from system requirements labs and the others were, old programs from way back when. i new what they were , most of them would not even run on windows 10 so i deleted them. AdwCleaner[S03].txt
  7. here is the log what was found was some old stuff i had laying around i went ahead and deleted that stuff no longer needed . eset scan.txt
  8. hi sorry for the late reply i had to go to work, here is the log file from that scan. msert.log
  9. here are the files you asked for . Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarbytes report.txt
  10. So i did a no no was browsing the internet was in EPIC proxy browser just looking at forums and clicked a few links that had redirects , and when i closed out that asked me to click or cancel crap came up and i clicked one of them, I dont no if i was hacked i hope not as i have banking stuff on this pc, and i was not even thinking when i did that, i ran a full Malwarebytes pro scan with all the options ticked nothing came back on the pc, no rootkits or trojans. should i worry about anything . none then less i learned my lesson and wont be doing that again. Thanks for any help appreciated.
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