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  1. Ok, so that means I need to rollback versions. Nice.
  2. Ever since I took the upgrade to malwarebytes 4.0, Every single time I turn on my computer or when a scheduled "scan" stars, a pop-up in the corner of the screen interrupts what im doing. Scan Complete. with the view report or close. I need a way to disable this nonsense. I cant find anything in the settings, and I still like the notifications if it blocks something so I dont want to disable notifications entirely how do I fix this? Thanks
  3. Not entirely sure but the android app for the longest time was completely free, and then they decided to hide behind a paywall. So your paying for the same features you once got for free plus some additional ones. Lots of people rolled back the version and then blocked the play store from updating it so all the features still worked. But it appears as of today malwarebytes quit sending definition updates today to force people over to that paywall.
  4. They probably CANT go back because the definition file has a number < than current. so the software rejects it as oldversion. Try this with Android. Install an older version of the same app on top of a newer version and it gets BLOCKED. has to be uninstalled. thats likely the same thing going on here. That pesky little thing that gets in the way called USW or VersionCode.
  5. If you still want malwarebytes protection through this mess, just uninstall V3. Install V2, Do NOT update the definitions until AFTER activation. Once activated, Turn off Website Blocking and then do the updates. you will at least have real time protection. Thats how I am using it right now.
  6. Using V2 and having Web blocking switched off is how I am here. I left Real Time protection on as its working fine. Good luck with v3.
  7. I dont use onedrive or any cloud service for that matter outside of Dropbox and I use dropbox in the web browser. I dont even map network drives because lets say you do get hit with ransomware, your F*d. All of my work/project/important files are behind a layer. say FTP or WebDAV or something along those lines that dont map out to a symlinked drive.
  8. The memory leak is likely caused by the software trying to create new copies of the socket object as it continually blocks itself. Such as in BASIC: Dim Socket1 as NEW Socket. = creates a new copy in RAM. this goes and goes and goes until there is no RAM left. if I am not mistaken, malwarebytes is written in VB.NET and that statement above is very applicable in this case.
  9. Yep, V2 is unaffected by the RAM bug. V3 has been a joke since it came out, consistent issues which is why I scrapped it.
  10. I am running V2 and have 0 RAM issues. Just the website blocking madness. I rolled back from V3 a while back because it was a buggy hot mess, and apparently, still is...
  11. I still run V2. V2 is NOT affected by the RAM issues on my machine. Just blocking. I rolled back from v3 long ago because of the hot mess it was and still is apparently.
  12. Its a good thing malwarebytes newer versions blocked the ability to be installed on servers without upsell, otherwise all of my servers would have been down right now.
  13. That still doesnt explain the fact that Immediately after I received V03 update it blocked everything. They would have noticed this. Something isnt adding up. My thought is something happened to the file AFTER it went through Q-A
  14. Thousands? more like 10s, to maybe 100s of thousands. However many are running premium this hit if they took the update.
  15. Yep. Needed a good laugh! But as I always say, DONT feed the troll!
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