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  1. See Attached. Thanks. setup_98d5_PCB45.zip
  2. I just got a false positive on my scan this morning. Its flagging a peice of old software that goes to my parallel PROM Programmer. its called a Willem. Here is the text body of the scan attached. Let me know what to do next, Thanks! false positive.txt
  3. Ok, so that means I need to rollback versions. Nice.
  4. Ever since I took the upgrade to malwarebytes 4.0, Every single time I turn on my computer or when a scheduled "scan" stars, a pop-up in the corner of the screen interrupts what im doing. Scan Complete. with the view report or close. I need a way to disable this nonsense. I cant find anything in the settings, and I still like the notifications if it blocks something so I dont want to disable notifications entirely how do I fix this? Thanks
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