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  1. Based on this, a fully updated anti-virus solution used in conjunction with MBAM (free) is a good place to start when it comes to stopping infections. Many members of this forum use SuperAntispyware. It, along with MBAM, are two apps highly rated by many IT outlets and users. The applauds, which occurred when SuperAntispyware introduced its portable version, can still be heard today. MBAM and SuperAntispyware make a great 1-2 punch, and the desire for a portable MBAM has only increased due to SuperAntispyware's portable release. I understand the licensing issue that would be created if MBAM Free had a portable version, since it would probably not take long for someone to 'create' a portable version of MBAM Pro. Obviously, there are features of MBAM Pro that are not part of MBAM Free, but if a portable version is released, applauds would last a long time.
  2. True, since an uninstall-clean-install could still result in issues. Saving logs/quarantines xenomorphs would be a must for me.
  3. I've been a user of the 'free' version for some time now. With all the 'issues' that seem to be cropping up, as users move from v1.46 to v1.50, I get the feeling that the best way to make the move is to (1) save settings/log files used/created in v1.46, (2) uninstall v1.46, (3) use mbam-clean, and then (4) install v1.50.
  4. What size is this particular Rules update? Using the link you provided, the download appears to only be 2.8MB. There appears to be some interference when downloading this, though it could be that the system I'm using is connected via dial-up (yes, some people still use it). Could someone confirm the size of the current manual Rules update? Thanks
  5. So this "limitation" of scanning the active registry hive only should not be a issue? I guess I'm looking to limit which users have access to MBAM, since putting it in the hands of the wrong user could be a bad thing. By simply limiting its use to the personal computer's administrator level user, makes for more peace of mind.
  6. Never had much reason to use Malwarebytes on a multi-user computer, but now I have the inkling. If MBAM is installed, by an Admin level user, on a multi-user computer (XP, Vista, 7), for use by the Admin only, will it scan ALL accounts or just the Admin's account?
  7. Just making note that these "portable version" seem to be popping up everywhere. Because of its small footprint, I carry the installation file on my USB toolkit, installing it on the computer I happen to be working on at the time. Normally, I will install it to a folder on the user's hard drive (after getting the user's consent), without a Start Menu folder. When it's done doing its thing, I simply hide the install folder, in case it's needed again, or uninstall it. I will definitely wait for a MBAM sanctioned portable release.
  8. The number sites offering MBAM as a portable app, seems to be growing every month. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!
  9. I have MBAM installed on all my computers, but a portable version of this already amazing app would definitely come in handy. I registered today, just so I can stay in the loop!
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