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  1. Looks that way to me, too, but there's nothing stopping a good virus coder from replicating that information for their replacement file. Yeah, I know. I just know this isn't an applet we use and we have other Windows 2000 Professional systems should I need to replace it, so I figured I'd delete it and restore it if necessary.
  2. It showed up on my boss' computer, as well. I tried removing it, but it comes back the next time I scan, so I opened up c:\winnt\system32\ in Explorer and deleted internat.exe manually, but it respawns itself in a few seconds. I also tried overwriting it with a 0 byte text file named internat.exe and it overwrote it within a few seconds. AVG did not detect it. Here are some of its attributes: File Version: 5.0.2920.0 Description: Keyboard Language Indicator Applet Copyright: Copyright © Microsoft Corp. 1994-1999 Company Name: Microsoft Corporation Internal Name: INTERNAT Language: English (Uni
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