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  1. Here you go... This is the latest version but the prior version had the same warnings etc... Paintstorm.zip
  2. http://www.paintstormstudio.com/ I had v2.2 on my pc for a very long time and all of a sudden today it is put into quarantine by MB. I checked Virus Total and only 2 hits. I went to the website and downloaded and installed version 2.3 and installed it and the same issue. Could someone check and verify and see if it is a false positive as it sure looks like it. I have added it to my exclusions for now. Thanks
  3. My problems started with the Real Time Protection Is Turned Off warning and it went downhill from there. Been fighting crashes and out of or low memory errors from Win7. Also uninstalled and reinstalled and had issues with my reg code or reg server and that even locking up. Finally uninstalled it completely with Revo and will wait until it is really fixed. Ruined my whole morning...
  4. I have been fighting MB all morning. I uninstalled it and had trouble with my registration too. It eats up all the memory and causes Win7 error messages about using up all the memory with memory low warnings and crashes. I finally just uninstalled it with Revo and will wait until it's really fixed. Arrrgghh!
  5. I had it hit on some other IP addresses but still referencing mailchimp. Thanks for confirming the issue. DB
  6. Just today for the first time Malwarebytes is blocking: gallery.mailchimp.com I subscribe to homemadetools.net and once I figured out where the problem was originating from, it is in my Thunderbird mail folder with the emails that are sent from there. When I look at the image it pops the warning about blocking the above address. I can click on any of these emails in that folder and it pops the warning and the main image is missing but the rest of the mail is view-able. I guess if you go to homemadetools.net and sign up to the mailing list you can see for yourself.
  7. Well I just wanted to report back that it looks like you fixed the problem with the heuristic scanning as my system completes the scan successfully. I had removed MB completely and installed Kaspersky and fought with that for cpu pegging, and came back to MB and Eset and all is fine. Cheers, DB
  8. I guess I will wait for a fix for now. Too busy to mess with this stuff at the moment. I did however run HitMan Pro a bunch of time with nothing found except the usual tracking cookies. I also ran a scan with Eset NOD32 and no problems found. The just for kicks I started a trial of SuperAntiSpyware and it comes up clean. But when I run Malwarebytes it gets to the heiristic scan and in less than 5 seconds Windows throws an error that something went wrong and if I click debug it shows this message: Hope that helps, DB p.s. Eset has MB in the excluded files.
  9. Ran a scan or 2 or 3 and it keeps crashing on the heuristics scan. I checked and have the latest database files. What to do? Thanks, DB
  10. Ok, it's a little confusing but as long as you checked it and see what I see, I am good to go. Thanks, DB
  11. Exactly, that's what I would have thought too. Can you check that link and see if you get the popup and verify it says "outgoing" to see if maybe Malwarebytes has a glitch or if I have other problems here. Thanks, DB
  12. I also says it's "outgoing". I guess that means it's outgoing from the site to me? I guess "incoming" would have worked too as it would be a pic incoming to me huh? Thanks,, DB
  13. Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website. IP Address: I get this popup warning when I am at a forum on one thread here: http://www.mushkingames.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=16354 I tracked the site to a pic hosting site in the Ukraine. Don't know why it is popping up unless one of the images on that page links back to there? Thanks, DB
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