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  1. Here you go... This is the latest version but the prior version had the same warnings etc... Paintstorm.zip
  2. http://www.paintstormstudio.com/ I had v2.2 on my pc for a very long time and all of a sudden today it is put into quarantine by MB. I checked Virus Total and only 2 hits. I went to the website and downloaded and installed version 2.3 and installed it and the same issue. Could someone check and verify and see if it is a false positive as it sure looks like it. I have added it to my exclusions for now. Thanks
  3. My problems started with the Real Time Protection Is Turned Off warning and it went downhill from there. Been fighting crashes and out of or low memory errors from Win7. Also uninstalled and reinstalled and had issues with my reg code or reg server and that even locking up. Finally uninstalled it completely with Revo and will wait until it is really fixed. Ruined my whole morning...
  4. I have been fighting MB all morning. I uninstalled it and had trouble with my registration too. It eats up all the memory and causes Win7 error messages about using up all the memory with memory low warnings and crashes. I finally just uninstalled it with Revo and will wait until it's really fixed. Arrrgghh!
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