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  1. indeed , my girlfriend's oldest son is autistic (age : 30) , though certainly (in my opinion) way more-so than you are .

    (the meds he is on are rather "heavy")

    i will admit that autism does cover a wide area of the exacts and degrees of manifestation ... however ...

    her son's particular level/degree of autism has never deterred me from telling him when he is "out of line" .

    (you don't want to know how i handled the situation of him taking a swing at her and using very foul and abusive language)

    there simply are no excuses for certain behaviors .


    i believe what the other members have been trying to tell you is to "turn it down a notch or two" .

    simply put and no offense meant , by what you write you come across as a "self-centered braggart" . non-autistic people find this very irritating .

    if you continue to write and express yourself is such a manner , you will alienate yourself from other members .


    He thinks himself to be some expert but you know what at some stage he will wreck a machine..I myself use OTL and learn new things about the tools the malware removers use and even after having years of experience we loose the occasional battle...I myself have :(:blush:


    And plus there is no thing called as 'expert' as malware changes everyday...your tactics and tools usage will change its a ever learning process ^_^


    I think we all are missing the important point,we all are here to fight against malware and NOT to compete with other Antiviruses.All of us are comitted to only 1 mission irrespective of the best or worst antivirus we use.Now lets get back to work and fight against bad guys rather than fighting for best antivirus product.

  2. Nsm0220,I would seriously question the validity of these tests.

    What if the tester was biased and if he was promoting some other product.I would take these things with a pinch of salt.

    Best is subjective,if it works for you,satisfies your needs and is able to do what you need then its best for you even if it the worst for others ;)

    Thanks for your understanding.

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