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  1. emotet are usually multi-staged attack usually arrive from malicious docms or such and then drop their #banker payload. Keep in mind that the docms that may actually belong to emotet campaign may even drop other commodity malware like #trickbot or #lokibot and even #rats.
  2. Well,same happened here.MBAM suddenly stopped the Website protection after the update.Had to clean out the whole thing and do a re-install now it works.
  3. He thinks himself to be some expert but you know what at some stage he will wreck a machine..I myself use OTL and learn new things about the tools the malware removers use and even after having years of experience we loose the occasional battle...I myself have And plus there is no thing called as 'expert' as malware changes everyday...your tactics and tools usage will change its a ever learning process I think we all are missing the important point,we all are here to fight against malware and NOT to compete with other Antiviruses.All of us are comitted to only 1 mission irrespective of t
  4. Whatever...that's not a execuse to everything I guess
  5. Nsm0220,I would seriously question the validity of these tests. What if the tester was biased and if he was promoting some other product.I would take these things with a pinch of salt. Best is subjective,if it works for you,satisfies your needs and is able to do what you need then its best for you even if it the worst for others Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Exact same issue here...MBAM is blocking it
  7. Find samples your self
  8. I got the notification from Malwarebytes PRO about the new update so agreed to install the update as usual but this time it failed to install the new version on the top of the older one because it couldnt over-write/replace mbam.exe so I had to clean install Malwarebytes again..Now performing a quick scan.
  9. no that's a fake AV that disguises to be AVG...its fake!!
  10. avast 7 free would be my recommendation to all i use it myself and i like it
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