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  1. @LiquidTension Any updates from the logs you requested? I PMed them to you Monday. Thanks!
  2. Eh ok ignore my post. It came back. @LiquidTension I was working with @AdvancedSetup initially. Do you mind if I PM them to you the next time I'm at the affected machine's location? Thanks again!
  3. Btw I know that's probably not a viable solution but it seems to work at least for the time being that I've had time to test.
  4. Yes only when restarting/shutting down. No errors with the few that I could play with (before moving on to another PC or client without taking up too much time) the exiting the app before shutdown/restart. I'm humoring the idea of using some old "registry hack" entries for the following: WaitToKillAppTimeout, HungAppTimeout, AutoEndTasks, WaitToKillServiceTimeout I've set them all to the minimum recommended settings. The one I've tested has yet to replicate the shutdown error. ***knock on wood*** I've been continuously rebooting it for the last hour to see if I can get it to replicate. So far so good...not sure that's worth noting. It'll probably do it after I hit the Submit Reply.
  5. I disable it only on my personal/office/work PCs. I've noticed many times when defender utilizes CPU usage at a high rate and brings systems to a halt/crawl. It's a known issue. Typically when many apps are open at once or apps that require high memory usage. I find MBAM works just as well as AV in most cases anyways and better for the rest obviously.
  6. Ok...I've just been glancing at a bunch more PC's and so far I have at least 10 PCs with these errors so I don't think I'm the only one. I'll try to check a few clients as I'm out and about this week as well and if I have some time I'll scan a few more to have on hand for you if needed. Again they all started after the 1903 upgrade. I did uninstall/reinstall MBAM on each as well but they all still have the error. Seems to be about ever 2-4 reboot/shutdowns. I'll reboot the one in question you PMed me about when I get back there and rerun the scan. Thanks.
  7. I'm seeing it on a few PCs right now actually after booting them up. Want me to send logs to each one? May I PM you the logs as I would prefer them not to be posted to the public. Thanks!
  8. I have hundreds of PCs I manage. I highly promote MBAM and I'm a partner/reseller. I was just saying I wasn't the only one seeing it. As I've said, I see this on many PCs I manage. I was just contributing to the other thread since it's a similar and almost identical issue. Sorry if it was an inconvenience!
  9. Well that's confusing... My post above was in reference to another thread in the forums having identical issues. The post above was in reference to the post labeled: Event ID 7403: The Malwarebytes Service service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control. One of the forum moderators moved mine into it's own thread which is fine. Not looking for assistance was just chiming in that I wasn't the only one. I work in IT (run my own business) so I've troubleshooted this as much as the other person who created the other thread. I've been seeing this on many clients PCs. The info above was to join into that conversation that they weren't the only ones having the issue they were having. I'm actually seeing this on a few PCs with Windows 10 1903 and the latest MBAM 3.8.3.
  10. I too also receive this error since the 3.8.3 upgrade along with the combination of Windows 10 1903. While running 1903 and 3.7.1 I never received this message myself. Did a clean install and still the same issues. Happens about every few shutdown/reboots. Fast Startup is off. I did disable EP/RP/Self Protection. Still get the errors. Happens on a few different machines. None of which when they were on 3.7.1 did it happen. I also have Windows Defender disabled via GPO and TamperProtection is off with the latest 1903 version. Basically just running MBAM as my only protection at the moment. I have a Dell Precision 3541 i7, 32GB RAM, and a 500SSD. Just giving you a run down of my scenario. At this point I just gave up trying to troubleshoot anything else on my end. Figured it was a bug with the 3.8.3 version that would hopefully get worked out at some point as most bugs do.
  11. Has there been anymore findings on this issue? At the moment I just removed Malwarebytes until it's resolved. I use a couple VPN options out there daily for what I do, so uninstalling them is not an option for me. I'll just live without Malwarebytes until a resolution has been found. Seems to be a too common of an occurrence now days, but I still try to stick it out and recommend despite the unusual issues that come up.
  12. Both Firefox and Chrome as suspecting the following MBAM file to be malware. I've never had issues grabbing files from here before (I grab them often so I have the latest versions when I'm out and about visiting clients) until last night's version/update was released. The download is from the following link which concerns the file name below. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3/ mb3-setup-consumer-
  13. Honestly, I think if we are paying customers this should be OFF by default. I was not happy to get calls from my clients all in a panic when this came up asking if they need to worry. I was't sure what they were talking about really until I came back to my desk and saw it up on mine. VERY disappointed that this even went out without any kind of heads up first. I and my clients all pay so we don't get these kinds of popups. This is why I've always recommended MBAM because these things were NOT coming up like many others. I was ok with the small marketing when opening the program's main dashboard when that first came about, but I'm NOT ok with this.
  14. I see this all the time unfortunately. Unfortunately, uninstalling then reinstalling seems to do the trick. Wish this was a bug they would fix as it can be an annoyance especially if you want to scan a file or folder. Usually after each new release I just automatically uninstall then reinstall to fix it. It's been happening a while and just not on any specific type of PC etc.
  15. Awesome glad to hear! Wish I had the time to have a machine on the fast ring, but running my own IT business limited my time to only test when the "unofficial" RTM ISOs come out. And that's what really counts in the real world anyways. I try to get a jump on it when those come out at least. Thanks again!
  16. As the title asks... Any known MBAM issues with Windows 10 Spring Creators Update? Just curious as I start doing my prepping my testing on this with it starting to officially roll out to the fast ring cycle. Was hoping to hear some feedback from those who are on the fast ring or if you've already updated using some of the known ISOs that are available. The bad thing about MS pushing these updates out so quickly is that my clients machines will sometimes update before I can fully give te thumbs up. Unfortunately, I don't have time to jump on board the fast ring and will usually wait for MS to give the RTM stamp then go find the ISOs etc. I've had good luck doing it this way but wondered how MBAM was holding up for this release if anyone has done it yet. Thanks!
  17. Same here seemed to resolve itself. Still curious to know it wasn't us. Maybe a DNS issue if something changed etc on the net? Or an update that had a fat fingered DNS entry etc?
  18. I even had it come up once where it said my trial was over. Then after about 30 seconds it went to the licensed edition. Was just odd. Again it all started between 8am and 9am EST for me.
  19. Starting this morning, all of my PCs are taking an unusual amount of time to load MB3 after reboots etc. I also noticed that when I do finally get it open and click on My Account or even from the My Account tab within the Settings, that it takes about 30 seconds sometimes to finally display anything. This happens on multiple PCs with two separate licenses. I even uninstalled/reinstalled (and used MB-Clean). Still the same luck. Is there an issue with the license authentication servers or system by chance causing this? Thanks for any info!
  20. If my comments didn't indicate...I work in the IT business...no need to tell me that.
  21. How long is a bit? I'm an avid MBAM user as well I promote your products to all my clients. I've been trying to ask for a quote now for about 3 to 4 weeks with no response. I filled out the form again a few days ago and still nothing. I too am in the same boat that I have a home server. If the MBAM Endpoint Protection (the cloud based option) is using V3 backend, how come MBAM v3 will not install on server editions but this product will? Just a valid question before someone else asks as the description says it uses the backend of the home product. I've been wanting to test the MEP product anyways so I can report back some my business clients, so I'm fine with it honestly.
  22. Awesome! Giving it a whirl now. Will know in a few days if this acts up again. At least that's been the pattern. Will this be the version you will go live with for 3.0.6? Thanks again!
  23. Do you a list of the types of VPN software people are running? Since VMWare is the most common virtual machine software I'm assuming you have that under your radar already. If it helps your progress I specifically use TeamViewer and Watchguard VPN software. Not sure if other remote desktop type applications are affected as well, but I occasionally use TightVNC as well. If you need more info etc, let me know. I'd like to be able to get MBAM back on all my machines ASAP before I can recommend to my clients to upgrade etc. At the moment, I've been telling them to hold tight until this has been fixed, but as with most good techs we like to thoroughly test products before giving the thumbs up. Thanks again!
  24. Well this makes sense. Never thought of that. Using remote assistance software or even firewall VPN software for my clients. This is probably why I'm having this issue. I need these for what I do for a living. Unfortunately, I also recommend MBAM as well to my clients so that's hurting. Trying to keep many of my clients from upgrading if possible until this issue is resolved. This has been happening a month now. Wish there was a fix by now...
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