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  1. I think I found the culprit, it's an Android app called "Barcode scanner" which I have now uninstalled.
  2. Why not just block http://codedexchange.com Direct access to URL gives a 403 which to me says "up to no good"
  3. I've tried clearing browser history, going through all Chrome settings, etc. I don't have any plugins and recently (August) factory reset my phone. I suspect an app but can't find what it is yet, hence requesting that this domain get blocked. I'm actually an IT professional and used to manually getting rid of viruses so this is really pi$$ing me off.
  4. No idea which app they are coming from. I have Malwarebytes Android fully updated and it doesn't detect anything. Tried Play Store Play Protect - nothing. They appear to be coming from http://codedexchange.com and redirecting to spam. http://codedexchange.com/script/s2iurl.php?csid=<numbers> like an affiliate ID or something then loads of other gobbledygook.
  5. TCPView is kind of real time, so when the connections eventually close, they're gone and you don't to see them later or get logs. XP seems to be supported just fine by Peerblock :-) Must be using older API's that work ;-) Pity I can't import your blocklists into Peerblock. My PC won't run Windows 7 multimonitor - it's one of the old ones with loads of PCI slots which I need for cards I rely on. I guess I'll just have to take it at face value then that what was blocked was blocked. Thanks
  6. Do I need Windows 7 for that ? All I get on XP is 21:47:36 Nyebodnye IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) 22:01:56 Nyebodnye IP-BLOCK (Type: incoming) Apparently I'm on
  7. OK, so I get a balloon up about some IP that was blocked, go into the logs and it's from a Moldova IP address. WHICH PORT ? Is this just a rogue torrent leecher trying when I've shut down ? Is it a spammer ? Real hacker sweeping ports on an IP range ? I don't know. How about putting the port in as well instead of just the IP address ? (Like peerblock does) Thanks
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