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  1. Well! The only issue that I have with your advice is that it was, in my case, unnecessarily alarmist 😁 I'm sure you must have very good reasons for it, tho, probably MB customers spitting and fuming over their experience with the tool. Thanks so much, Porthos - that was quick and easy and my network laptops are all showing up.
  2. Thank you, Porthos, not least for your in-depth "warnings". I have to laugh, else I'd cry - I've just had to shut down all my "work" (I download certain webcams 24/7 and have video editing on the go nearly all the time) and reboot because a Dell BIOS update has resulted in freezing Windows Explorer and much-used progs... and now I've got to do it again! I shall be patient and let you know how I get on 😊
  3. I can no longer use Malwarebytes, it has been blocking access to my internal private network for a month or two. When it first happened I found somewhere on here that a fix was being worked on - could there be a status report, please?
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