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  1. My 2cents worth: The Microsoft community forum has ALWAYS said not to run MSE concurrently with any other realtime antimalware/anti-virus software lest one wants to experience "system instability". What changed? I was shocked to read here on the forums this week that MBAM says it WILL run alongside MSE or Windows Defender! Maybe not........ I just installed the free-standing Malwarebytes last week (basically just a manual scanner as I understand it) as I haven't run MBAM in a number of years. Wanted to see how it has changed since I last ran it. Since the non-premium MBAM has no
  2. FWIW, I have gotten Windows 7 x64 updates in November, December and a January 1st update as well. So it looks like you aren't getting updates, for whatever reason.
  3. Now why didn't I think of that instead of bothering you guys? Thanks for the quick reply! MBAM is purring like a kitten on my system. Downloaded/installed OK, scans just fine and handled its one "find" by quarantining. Thanks for such an easy to use, successful software. Will purchase that license then.
  4. Not sure I made myself clear. It's the MBAB paid version Protection Module I'm worried about conflicting with Comodo's D+ HIPS.
  5. Am considering purchasing an MBAM lifetime license with the Protection Module. A search brought me to no answers, thus I I pose this question. I run Comodo FW Pro ver 3.5.5 (Defense+ turned "on"). I also run Avast Home Edition (free) and SuperAntispyware Pro 4.25 (realtime & First Chance enabled). I'm mostly concerned with whether MBAM and Comodo's Defense+ (HIPS) can live under the same roof. But would welcome input on any reported conflicts with Avast or SAS's reatime features as well.
  6. Well, I wanted to post back the results of a little experiment I ran after a reg backup. I uninstalled Dell Support in Safe Mode via Add/Remove (since I never use it). Promptly did a regedit Find on keywords Dell Support and Gteko and no instances were found. Booted back into Normal Mode, checked Program Files and the Dell folder (where Dell Supported lived) is now empty. Said file GTDown_87.ocx is also no longer sitting in Windows\System 32 folder. So I think we have the answer to what is GTDown_87.ocx. It appears to definitely be a part of Dell Support software module. Now as to whether it i
  7. I also failed to mention that Microsoft acquired Gteko, Inc. in 2006.
  8. I'm not 100% certain, but when I right click on this file in my Windows\System 32 folder, properties show copyright of Gteko, Inc. After quite a bit of researching via Google, I learned that Gteko, Inc. designs support software and is connected to the Dell Support (you know, the familiar orange/green symbol that is, or used to be if disabled, in your systray) software/hardware maintenance module pre-installed by Dell. I keep Dell Support disabled on my pc as I don't find it very useful and finally disabled it in my StartUp. I occasionally invoke it manually to let it run a hardware maintenance
  9. buttoni


    I just joined the forum today and I am thus far quite pleased with MBAM. I digress, perhaps, but as an FYI there's an enlightening, pertinent, albeit lengthy discussion of Windows Autorun and Autoplay this week over on BBR DSL Reports forums. I recently did this registry fix offered in that thread on my WinXP Home machine to prevent Autorun from ever executing any malware on my system. Had to shut down Comodo FW (Defense + HIPS) which blocks alterint this reg entry (IniFileMapping) area of the registry is by default protected by Defense +. But it finally merged OK for me. This fix, like
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