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  1. My 2cents worth: The Microsoft community forum has ALWAYS said not to run MSE concurrently with any other realtime antimalware/anti-virus software lest one wants to experience "system instability". What changed? I was shocked to read here on the forums this week that MBAM says it WILL run alongside MSE or Windows Defender! Maybe not........ I just installed the free-standing Malwarebytes last week (basically just a manual scanner as I understand it) as I haven't run MBAM in a number of years. Wanted to see how it has changed since I last ran it. Since the non-premium MBAM has no realtime protection, I on my Win7 Home Premium x64, have NOT experienced any freezes. I did install the MBAM browser add-on though and it, too, has caused no issues on my Win7 machine. I plan on upgraded to the premium version eventually (when and IF this Win7 freeze issue is resolved), but will ABSOLUTELY uninstall MSE and turn off Defender when I do upgrade. I wasn't aware MS had ever changed their position about MSE (or Defender) not being compatible with other realtime scanners.
  2. FWIW, I have gotten Windows 7 x64 updates in November, December and a January 1st update as well. So it looks like you aren't getting updates, for whatever reason.
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