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  1. Protection keeps turning off... V3.1.2

    I have the same issue too, looks like a faulty update package. Can someone from the Malwarebytes team confirm they aware/working on the issue? @msherwood @celee @AlexSmith @exile360 @bdubrow @AdvancedSetup
  2. I run both together without any problems, although, I do have mutual exclusions set.
  3. MB 3.1.2

    Version 3.1.2 is running very well and a massive improvement from 3.0. Well done. It would be nice if you brought back the option to update the definitions on startup via the scheduler.
  4. IP PopUp

    I've rebooted... Still not fixed 1.0.1403..
  5. IP PopUp

    It's NOT fixed. Malwarebytes 3 update package 1.0.1403 still getting the popups...
  6. IP PopUp

    This seems like a false positive. I've got the same pop-up.
  7. Hi, I just did a clean install of MBAM 3.0.5 and it's running fine, however, I've noticed in the reports that there is "Ransomware blocked" which is a false positive. I've attached an image.
  8. MBAE Windows 10 AU

    Thanks for this. I can confirm that this fixed the issue I had.
  9. MBAE Windows 10 AU

    I have the same issue on one of my systems. Interesting enough, the one which I upgraded Win 10 to anniversary update MBAE runs fine, however, the one where I did a clean install of Win 10 AE, MBAE just doesn't start. I've done a clean install of MBAE to no avail.
  10. gstatic.com & ssl.gstatic.com

    Just wait for MBAM team to release a new database update, that should fix it.
  11. gstatic.com & ssl.gstatic.com

    I'm also getting this... Seems like a false positive.