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  1. I apologize for hijacking this from the OP, it was not intentional, maybe if his problem is the same he can follow and do the same as you advised me to continue on to. Thank you for your help and understanding.
  2. Hi daledoc1, I did not mention before, I do have a Gmail account which I rarely use. Today after seeing on the news how people got Gmail and other accounts hacked were traceed back to the Netherlands, I checked my Gmail account and it had been signed into, and it was not by me. So I believe the Trace to the IP number and the link I posted earlier are the hackers trying to call home from my machine with whatever they are trying to steal from me. They tried to do this on 12.02 from 8 different ports but the same IP Then again today 12.05 from 2 different ports and the same IP To me this
  3. I have been seeing the same problem. IP : (Type: outgoing, Port: 51513, Process: avastsvc.exe) Allways traces back to the same location in the Netherlands ; http://tejji.com/ip/ip-to-location.aspx?ip= I do not use Skype or p2p. This has happened for only the past few days.
  4. I removed MBAM Pro and downloaded a new copy. How do I get it re-registered again, I can't find the product ID or key.
  5. Restarted MBAM Pro, 21 trojans listed in quartine, tried to use restore all, I think it worked but, the files are still listed there. Should I try to delete them ? In the Protection tab, there is a red rectangle saying protection disabled. Is it safe to re-enable this ?
  6. Once I did the system restore point and got the machine to run I turned off MBAM. I do not know if there is anything still quarintined or not, when it was doing the quarintine thing it must have done dozens at a time.
  7. Hi, This happened to me also. MBAM went crazy, could not start it. It took would not let me start any scan programs. Took its time to restart the 'puter also, finally did a restore point and appears OK so far ! WTF happened ?
  8. Hi, OK will do. I will watch for anything weird going on. Thank's again.
  9. Well, I have not looked around too much as yet. I did look at the restore points and they appear to be back again. I'm just kinda leery about trying to use one. Guess I will wait and see how the machine is for a while. Thank's for asking. I did not think I would hear from you again.
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