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  1. Some good points DALEDOC1 pointed out. I like the UI. As long as under the hood is effective in doing it's work. Great job!
  2. I did a search and didn't find a section on suggestions for the TechBench Tool, so I thought I would add one and add my suggestion. I can vouch that the tool works well, no questions about it. I think what would be nice is a different look, like the desktop version and probably the biggest one of my suggestions would be to add two buttons on the scanning screen. One for Select All and De-Select All. I had a user today with 799 items. Now I hope I didn't miss something on the page to select all and just didn't see it. Some correct me if I'm wrong, but it took forever to select each one of them one by one. It looks odd not having that option, so I hope I'm wrong. I think for the price of these, that it could still work the same, but also look nice. Just my thoughts.
  3. I agree. Owning 5 of these, it would be nice to see these have a few more options as MaTeZZ says. The USB drives are getting bigger, so there is room for change.
  4. I just purchased 5 of these for our company. What shocks me is not the initial cost of the USB drive and added 1 year sub. It's the annual subscription cost that shocks me. My experiences with subscription software is that once purchase for the first time, is that tha annual subscription price is lower than the initial cost. Is there anything that Malwarebytes is looking at to lower the subsciption cost on these? Since we bought these we are looking at just seeing if it is worth keeping the subscription every year. If it don't go down I'm afraid that we would not renew. It just seems like an overblown subscription price. Just my thoughts on this as I don't know Malwarebytes thinking on this. Thanks, Jerry
  5. I looked through the forum and could find anything regard question on the new version, so figured I would create a new post. I currently own 4 seats of Malwarebytes. Since the major upgrade to version 2 I have a couple questions. 1. With the old version and having a custom scan setup, the program would alway popup to start the scan. The new version does not have a popup that I could see, so I don't know unless I launch the software. Same with the other quick scan's. I'd like to know that it has completed, know that my system is being protected. 2. With the old version we did not get advertizeing after purchase. With the new version we are getting advertizing at the bottom regarding other products of Malwarebytes. As a purchase program, I don't feel the user should have to see this. I bought the software knowing that I bought a good product and can always go out to the site to see other products that are offered. Could you create a Help menu with this in it along with help topics? I don't believe it that annouing, but I just think that with a purchased program or subscription we shouldn't have to see this. Don't see a spell checker on the forum, so I hope I spelled correctly, if not sorry everyone. Thanks, Jerry Secord
  6. What I've notice in the new version is that there is no longer a popup showing a scan as the older version did when a custom scan was setup. With the new version, nothing pops ups letting you know it's scanning or the taskbar icon doesn't animate. Threat scans also. I don't know if my system is protected or being scanned. I set a custom scan a few min a head and waited for something to pop up and nothing. I opened up MB and found what I think was a scan, not sure as I had to click on scan. I like to know that my custom scans are working and now with the threat scan it would be nice to see a spinning or animated icon to show that a scan is taking place. I also don't see a popup stating that the software has been updated as before. This all might be posted else where, but I'm at work on a break and wanted to post quickly to a post similarly related to the things I was seeing with the new update. Thanks in advance! P.S I have 4 seat licenses and all 4 don't show anything, so it's not isolated to one machine. Sorry if this is a repeat.
  7. This would be nice. Not that a Mac has that much to worry about in my book, but just knowing that there is something there protecting the user. Mostly while using the Internet or any online activity. I believe in Malwarebytes as I own four licenses and never had a problem with any viruses/malware as I also run it alongside Microsoft Essentials.
  8. Forgot to add regarding your last question. No, I have tried running another scan to see if it would stop again as I've never had MB do that before.
  9. Thanks, The service was related to a schedualing software I run and I believe that I've run a scan before and never had this happen. It's a legitamate service, but MB did not show that it being bad after a quick scan. I'm not saying that MB had stopped the service. I just need to know that if MB does, don't it report that to the user to show the file. Just like any other AV products show what it catches and give you the result of a scan.
  10. I ran Malwarebytes quick scan and was wondering if the software stops a service without letting the user know. When I ran it, I had a service stop and never had this happen before. I just need to make sure that malwarebyte does not stop a computer service without user notification. Anyone with info on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  11. Hi all! Been using the free version of Malwarebytes and it works great and decided to purchase the pro version for the nice extras and protection. I work in IT and thought it would be great to join this forum to keep up with the new malware/virus coming out and maybe help if possible.
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