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  1. Seem this website still get blocked by Web Protection, can you check it again ? And here is this website subdomain: - http://truyen.vnsharing.net/ - - http://vietsub.vnsharing.net/ - - http://home.vnsharing.net/ - - http://game.vnsharing.net/ - Safe for sure, you can scan these URL with URLVoid: http://www.urlvoid.com/ Norton Safeweb: https://safeweb.norton.com/ McAfee SiteAdvisor: http://www.siteadvisor.com/ to make sure these URL is safe. Thank!
  2. Sorry for double post, I can't edit my first post. More information: If Malwarebytes's developer do not trust me, try to use some URL Scanner like URLVoid to scan this website to make sure it is safe: http://www.urlvoid.com/ Thank you for read.
  3. Recently, I installed Malwarebytes on my PC, problem that Malwarebytes blocked this URL: URL: http://vnsharing.net/forum/ IP: I think that is false positive, this site have more manga, anime and it is a good ste for entertainment. I'm sure this site is safe, safe up to 100% because I used this site for two years, no virus, no malware, not harmful at all. Please, if this site is safe, hope Malwarebytes unblock it on the next update. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, I really like Malwarebytes, it is smart and detect, remove malware really really good, much better than some antivirus
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