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  1. Porthos, I'm in a disbelieving state too, BUT, I have a computer science degree and been in the business for 30 years.  I run the IT group of a large family business and we have law, architecture, accounting, mortgage, property management and interior design groups.  Lots of PCs many of which run Malwarebytes.  All have updated I think except for this one, an Acer i7 desktop.  Right in front of my eyes the update stalled, the program was removed and then it worked.

    Let's say it was the Spirits that caused it.

  2. An Update.  Taking advice from many MS suggestions, I removed (uninstalled) Malwarebytes and let the computer try again to install W10 1909.  It worked and now I'm pretty sure that the program was at fault.

    So there it is.  And it's not malwarebytes fault. I'm disappointed in microsoft, the W10 updates have been terrible.  How anybody can sign their company up for large scale MS products like Cloud I don't know.  How can you trust them when they can't get my president's compute updated without loosing days and days of its use.

    Now I need some help to recover my account and reinstall the program. 

  3. My W10 machine has failed to update to 1909 twice now and it's trying to do it again.  A lot of what I've read is that malware / antivirus programs are found to be at fault more often than not.

    Could you confirm that Malwarebytes might be involved in this, and what to do.

    The Update stalls as in the image and does not progress, either stalled or looping..




  4. So my old VAIO laptop is suffering from a glass of wine that my wife poured into it, and I'm moving to a new computer.  I went to install V3 on the new computer and I had my credit card ready to pay for the new version.  Then I figured out with the help of cleverbridge that my licenses are perpetual, for ever.  Big mistake, new versions should cost a bit more.  Look at Fineprint to see how they do it.  What do you guys do for lunch money?

  5. This is some Ukrainian software developers. Their products are carried on CNET. We've bought some of their titles and we've watched them very closely as they run. Like watched them to see if they do any web comms, and we've seen nothing. They seem to be exactly what they say they are.

    Any reason they are blacklisted?

  6. Malwarebytes halted this program as it attempted to start today. The computer is a Sony VAIO running windows7. Sat Survey is a Sony program that allows users/customers to provide feedback and operational data to Sony. I believe that this program on this machine is what it says it is. MWB must have included some pattern in a recent update that this program has triggered, I doubt it's malicious. The EXE file is attached if you would like to inspect it.

  7. I asked Koyotesoft about this and didn't get a response. One of their programs was communicating on the net and I don't know why or what it was doing, so I deleted every Koyote application on my machine. Maybe MWB is killing them for no good reason, or maybe there is a reason. Why did they get listed? You can't just arbitrarily block somebody, and then say "oops, we bad", they be unblocked now. Let's have the facts.

  8. The website www.koyotesoft.com is blocked. I own several of their titles and they are listed at CNET. Probably millions of computers run their software. It seems unlikely that they are evil.

    08:13:35 Wayne MESSAGE Protection started successfully

    08:13:39 Wayne MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

    08:15:25 Wayne MESSAGE IP Protection stopped

    08:15:27 Wayne MESSAGE Database updated successfully

    08:15:27 Wayne MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

    13:04:57 Wayne MESSAGE Scheduled update executed successfully

    13:05:44 Wayne MESSAGE IP Protection stopped

    13:05:46 Wayne MESSAGE Database updated successfully

    13:05:46 Wayne MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

    15:12:19 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54719, Process: freeeasyburner.exe)

    15:15:00 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54741, Process: freeeasyburner.exe)

    15:20:52 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54754, Process: freeeasyburner.exe)

    15:22:44 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54761, Process: firefox.exe)

    15:22:52 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54762, Process: firefox.exe)

    15:26:53 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54801, Process: firefox.exe)

    15:27:01 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54802, Process: firefox.exe)

    15:30:45 Wayne IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 54809, Process: firefox.exe)

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