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  1. Hello Bawlz and welcome to the forums, As sho-dan said X-Con is located on Spywarewarrior as " ridiculous false positives; poor, inadequate scan reporting [A: 4-2-06 / U: 4-2-06]". Spywarewarrior is a very credible site and was one of the sites that contributed to our blacklist at the early beginnings of RogueRemover. As this was done in 2006, a lot might have changed by then and X-Con could have gone legit. Trying to do a test for you I found that it does not have a demo version available. If the company would be willing to provide us with a key we would be completely willing to do a more de
  2. Download a version of COMCTL32,OCX off the internet and put it in the same directory as RR. That should fix your problem.
  3. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=38
  4. A special thanks to Jim and Chris for all their hard work.
  5. You figured out your problem, and still praised us anyway. Thanks! Feel free to stick around.
  6. I had a similar thought on this line. I know that FA would be easily capable, but Marcin is concerned about users deleting important files. With the ability to delete folders, there's a greater chance that someone may end up deleting crucial system files. My idea for this is a command line switch-If they're smart enough to figure that out, they should be smart enough to know what to delete.
  7. Thanks for supporting our listing in the database.
  8. Scrolling half way down the list I was sure I knew what number 1 would be.
  9. If there is a conflict, it's probably not counterspy. I just tested it and as long as you allow RogueRemover to make all changes to the hosts file and registry (CounterSpy pops up a warning), there are no conflicts. I have restarted the program, and rebooted the computer. The problem must lie somewhere else.
  10. wow Jean. i opened this while playing "around the world" by daft punk and it was going exactly to the beat. weird. btw-happy birthday dude
  11. Launched tonight and the stats are soaring! Visit the blog http://www.malwarebytes.besttechie.net/ View RogueNET http://www.malwarebytes.org/viewstats.php
  12. That's a very good question that I often think about myself. I'd like to see some testing done, but I'd rather not send them some money Welcome to MalwareBytes
  13. If you haven't seen it already onlilife, the program RubberDucky was talking about is located at http://www.malwarebytes.org/startuplite.php this program will help you remove unnecessary start up programs at your discretion.
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