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  1. please add a exclusion list!!!, its must be a high priority! most security software has this option to exclude!
  2. yes if you buy 1 license you will 99.99% of the time buy another if you have more computers first i bought 2 licenses then i recent bought 2 more lol the winning combo of a awesome anti-malware tool + excellent price + lifetime updates = win keep up the good work MalwareBytes Team!
  3. both the laptops are set to sleep after 40min, meybe add default to update every 2 hours but have a option to do every half-hour, hour, etc?
  4. meybe every hour or half aleast not the way it is now when two of the laptops in my house dont update at all because the laptop is OFF at the time it set to update
  5. yes what about making the paid version to auto-update every half and hour instead makes more sense, if my computer is off 1 PM, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware does not update at all, so auto-update every half and hour is alot better
  6. well exclude this on Vista and above then
  7. what about fallbacking to ip if the dns is messed up? like say try malwarebytes.org first, if down then try
  8. and duble click on tray icon opens malwarebytes anti-malware scan results/progress
  9. that is what i mean for customers that have paid for it, should get a tooltip instead of a dialog in the middle of the screen, same for automaticly quick scan
  10. this instead of this so i make it simple and less annoying!
  11. what about changing the update, its annoying to get a little dialog with progress right in the middle when watching a movie, doing work etc!!!, what about doing something like this instead and a option to disable it
  12. the way its now it dosnt auto-update database on startup please add a little code that makes mbam auto-update to latest database on startup of the application for PAID users that way we will allways be updated
  13. i to got 64-bit vista sp1, well auto-scanning and auto-updating is well worth it even when realtime protection isnt working yet on 64-bit
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